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When Fun Meets Fit!

September 1, 2020 | by holly netz

It is a common to vow “to get back in shape” as a New Year’s resolution, however, September seems to be another time of year that intent seems to spike. Kids head back to school (we say that cautiously this year…) Winter is also looming and we all vow to look better at the annual family gathering while avoiding the 10-15lbs we put on over the holidays. 

While we all know that exercise is good for your body as well as your mind. Exercise shouldn’t be taken on solely as part of a weight-loss journey, but instead as a lifestyle change for better health and sense of self.

When an inactive person decides to jump into working out, the rate of failure in continuing is almost 75%. But why?

Studies show the main reasons a person fails to continue include:

  • Time - Common perception is that to work out at a gym you need an hour and a half out of your day.
  • Inconvenience - The gym is too far away or outside your regular area.
  • Intimidation - Lack of knowledge about how to use the equipment.
  • Information - Being unsure if the exercises are right for you and your goals.
  • Frustration - When you walk in intending to lose 35lbs and no other considerations, it doesn’t take long to feel like you aren’t seeing results.

Quite simply, exercise has to be about more than a treadmill. 

The same studies show when a person gets involved in the knowledge behind different forms of exercise as well as choosing something that seems interesting, the rate of continuing on a fitness journey jumps by almost 50%. There are a multitude of choices beyond a treadmill. Maybe you want a personal trainer but that isn’t in the budget. A few sessions with a trainer may be affordable and give you confidence to move forward by yourself. Group classes are attractive to people for different reasons. Many facilities offer small group classes that feel almost like a personal trainer but at an affordable price. Somewhat larger classes provide a fitness expert while giving you some anonymity as you gain confidence in your abilities. There has never been a larger choice of specialty classes. Do you like to strength train more than cardio? Do you feel like punching a bag to relieve stress? Do you need a quick workout or an hour-long one? Do you want to start with mindful yoga and build from there? 

The reality is that there is no wrong way to start, and no form of exercise that “isn’t enough." The most important first step is to choose something, anything that you are comfortable with (and is doctor-approved). When you start with something you enjoy, you give yourself more time to allow your knowledge to grow and adjust to the “why” behind fitness. You may start with Yoga, become more comfortable with the knowledge of your body -- and end up being a cross-fit junkie! The journey is yours. It’s time to break down the excuses and begin! 

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