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April 1, 2020 | by anna rogers

Deciding what direction to take in a personal health and fitness journey can feel daunting. From YouTube fitness channels to specialty boutique studios to outdoor running groups, the options feel endless! 

When it comes to your personal fitness journey, it’s important to set up a routine that works logistically and is also one that you love. Location, budget, and facilities are all important to consider when selecting a gym, but it’s just as critical to consider the intangibles of a fitness center as well.

Does Your Gym Want You to Succeed?

Once you’ve researched distance, cost, and available amenities, ask the most valuable question: “Does this gym want me to succeed?” If the business model is centered around bringing in bodies and dollars and not around equipping people to excel in their health and fitness journeys, it’s probably not a gym that’s going to get you results or keep you coming back time after time.

Try to get a sense of the gym culture. Is it a place people come to spend an hour on the treadmill, or one where members are encouraging each other, spurred on by instructors and trainers who lead by example and offer a personal touch?

“Working in this industry tends to be a labor of heart and soul,” says Jenn Thompson, Program Director at Granite Health + Fitness. “We do it because we love it and because we love people. When someone has a victory that we are lucky enough to be a part of, it drives us to want to be better. That victory can be weight loss, weight gain, getting stronger, becoming a regular exerciser, developing a healthier mindset, and the list goes on. Seeing someone else ‘win’ at their goals inspires us as trainers, instructors, and managers to want to continue to provide the best experience possible for every member. That is what we all got into this for, and it drives us.”

At Granite, everyone who signs up for membership starts with a complimentary, cutting-edge body composition test that gives valuable insights into body composition – not just weight! A personal trainer helps break down the information and create a plan on how to get started. The trainer also introduces new members to the facility and training equipment.

“We know that if we can make working out a good experience for someone, they will want to come back. And if they come back, they will likely start to get results. We want to see you in the gym 3+ times each week because we know that your results depend on you showing up,” Thompson adds.

The Group Effect

What is it exactly that will keep you coming back to a gym three or more times a week?

Granite’s answer to this is simple: group fitness. Working out in a group is one of the surest ways to get in a solid workout, reduce stress, and find enjoyment.

“Science has proven that when you are working out in a group, your perceived exertion is lower than when you are working out on your own,” Thompson explains. “This means that the workout is less uncomfortable, allowing you to work out with more intensity. Group fitness is also shown to enhance emotional well-being and reduce stress.

While it's nice to have science prove it with studies and testing, I can tell you firsthand that we see this in class as people make new friendships enjoy time together while getting in a workout. People start to get fitter because they're standing next to someone who inspires them, so they dig a bit deeper and challenge themselves.”

Local Matters

When you invest in a membership at a local gym, you’re investing in more than just your own personal health. You’re also investing in your community.

“Granite is a part of the Billings community. We started here, we live here, we raise our families here, and we’re invested in pouring back into Billings and making it a better place that everyone can enjoy,” says Shara Overstreet, General Manager of Granite Health + Fitness. Granite donates to schools, teams, races, and non-profits in the community, as well as incorporating giving into gym programming and events.

“Granite cares about the future of this community, and we intentionally partner with other local businesses. We are more than just an operation providing services to consumers. Granite is a place to come and connect with others and build lasting relationships, working together to support the health of our bodies and the health of our city.”

 Don’t Forget to Consider…

  •  Is childcare included in your membership? If not, make sure you factor in the cost and hassle of arranging childcare while you work out. Remember the intangible effect of no childcare, making it more likely that you won't go.

Granite offers high-quality drop-in daycare while you work out (or enjoy the hot tub or sauna!) as well as an affordable drop-off daycare option for members. Drop-in childcare is included with a family membership! Family memberships also receive discounts on kids’ programming like birthday parties, sports and ballet sessions, and swim lessons.

  • How often is your desirable group fitness class or class category offered? If you love classes that incorporate dance, are the dance-related group fitness classes offered at times that you can regularly attend throughout the week?

Granite offers over 200 live and virtual group fitness classes per week instructed only by nationally and specialty certified trainers.

Originally printed in the April 2020 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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