“Tails” of Billings: Betsy

August 13, 2021

by robyn fogle | photos courtesy of holly netz

Hopefully you’ve been following our monthly Tails of Billings features where we interview a pup (aka “tail”) and tell their tale. You may recall that the last two months we’ve interviewed some lovable big guys. (Check out the interviews with Rocky and Buxton if you missed them.) So to change things up this month, we’re excited to introduce you to Betsy, a sassy but sweet little lady whom you can’t help but love. 

A 7-year-old Puganese (Pug and Havanese mix), Betsy lives with her human parents, Scott and Holly Netz, along with siblings Naomi and Noah, fur brother Theo, plus Kevin and Mr. B the cat who arrived more recently to round out her big happy family. She is stubborn and persistent, full of personality, and extremely proud of her long, sneaky tongue. She enjoys showing love to everyone and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Meet Betsy:

Hi! I'm Betsy and I am ready to shower you with all the love and kisses! 

Why don’t you start by telling us about your family and your role at home?

I would be glad to. But before we get started, let me just lick you. You look like you need some love. Do you like kisses? Is it ok if I hop in your lap so I can get to your face?

I’d rather you didn’t. Let’s keep it professional.

Ok, well I’ll just sit right here beside you then. Do you think maybe I could put my paw on your leg here? Isn't that nice. 

That’s fine.

So yes, my role at home. I would say one of my biggest roles in our home is loving everyone who comes in the door. Mom says I get away with a lot because I’m little, but I don’t think I’m getting away with anything. Tell me, is it really so wrong to shower people with kisses and hugs and affection? They love it! Trust me. And I love it! Speaking of which, maybe I could just get up in your lap here while we talk and lick your…

Betsy, I really think it’s better if you focus on the interview.

I just feel like I need to love you. Yes, I need to love you. I need to love you. Do you need a hug? Or maybe I could just flip over and you could rub my belly.

Sure, I could do that.

Oh that’s the spot, that’s the spot! Let me just lounge back and recline and... 

Betsy, you look a bit dramatic right now. Almost like a

A what? A French Woman? Yes! Paint me like a French Woman!

I’d love to, but I’m not an artist, I’m a writer. 

Right, yes, the interview.

Yes, you were telling me about your family.

Oh yes, well let me tell you about my brother, Theo. He’s a schnauzer, and he barks at everything - so annoying! So then I have to get involved and bark too. It’s ridiculous. Whoever heard of barking at things outside. We live inside, there is no need to be concerned with things going on outside. 

Every once in awhile it builds up and I have to let him know I’ve had enough of his sh** - pardon my French. Mom thinks I take off after him for no reason, but that is not the case. She doesn’t realize the true situation. But rest assured, I put him in his place. You understand. 

Could I lick your face? You look like you need some love?

Again, I’m fine, but that’s kind of you to offer. Please continue.

Well if you’re sure.

I also take care of the rest of my family. I am so attuned to emotions and if anyone in my home is upset, I’m there immediately - unlike that useless Theo who just takes off. Not me, I’m like a concerned mother. I just want anyone hurting to know that I’ll take care of them. I can always make it better. Are you feeling ok emotionally? Because if not, I could help. I could lick you or love you or...

Thank you, Betsy, as I said, I’m fine.

See. Some people appreciate my kisses. 

Speaking of your family, I heard you have a bit of a weird obsession with your dad’s bald head.

Oh that! Hehe! Yes, he loves it when I lick his head. It’s like a head massage. Call me a therapist; I’m a miracle worker! I have the perfect tongue for the job.

We’re pretty close actually, me and my dad. When he gets out of bed in the morning I jump on his pillow and roll around. Mom rolls her eyes and says it’s ridiculous, but what proper French woman doesn’t put on her perfume for the day? It’s good to have a signature scent, I always say. And he has the best scent - musky, woodsy and oh-so-manly. I need that on me! People love people that smell good. And I hate to admit it, but I have a bit of a bad breath problem - it’s a pug thing, you wouldn’t understand - but I figure maybe good perfume will camouflage that. 

Do you enjoy dressing like a French woman too?

Heavens to me, no! I wouldn’t be caught dead in scarves, skirts, sweaters or anything of the kind. In fact, one time they tried to put earrings on me. Good gracious! I had to paw those off immediately. Absolutely unacceptable! What an absurd idea!

I haven’t licked your face in a full 2 minutes, do you think I could just get in a little...sluup

Betsy! What in the world? You have quite the sneaky tongue little lady! 

It’s called French kissing! I’m excellent at it.

So what about your diet? Do you get any special treats?

I sure do. Recently Naomi bought me a bougie yack cheese stick. It was a bit hard to drag, but I managed to get it up on the bed with me - Theo can’t get on the bed so that was the safest place. And, as you can see, I have a delicately small mouth and teeth so it took me a while to nibble it, but I stayed on the task till it was complete. Best. Treat. Ever. I hope I get another one. 

I also adore French fries seeing as they’re from France and all. I’m not technically supposed to have human food, but there is no way anyone is going to eat French fries in front of me without me getting one too. Unacceptable! I can wear them down. Look into my big, pleading eyes.

So I must know, how does a small, delicate French woman such as yourself fare in the snow during our rough winters?

I simply don’t go out in the snow. We have a lovely covered deck and I leave my little roses there for mom to deal with. She says my roses really smell like poo-poo. I say it’s a small price to pay for all the love I show her. 

Could I just get in your lap again right quick and hug you?

Thank you, Betsy, but that’s a hard no. Perhaps we’d better wrap up this interview. 

Any grumpies I have, my stuffed toy takes care of for me. 

I do have one final question. You seem so sweet and loving and cuddly, is there ever a time when you get upset or violent?

Funny you ask, I believe a woman should never be entirely predictable. But I also don’t want people to see that side of me so I take out my anger and frustration on my stuffed toy instead. I just grab it and shake it and shake it and beat it like I want to murder it! But then I’m back to lovable little me. Do you think I could get in one more kiss? Maybe lay in your lap? I can wear you down...

Nope, nope, I think I’ve got all I need. Thank you so much, Betsy. 

Seriously, I can love you. I need to love you. Do you need kisses? Love? Maybe one final goodbye hug? 

I attempted to get a photo of Betsy with her family, but she said when she’s with her family she’s too busy loving them to be bothered to pose for the camera. So we’ll leave you instead with this final photo of cuddlebug Betsy. 

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