“Tails” of Billings: Rocky

June 11, 2021

by robyn fogle | photos courtesy of jenna bauers

It’s time for another dose of cuteness and boy do I have a BIG treat for you this month! Whipper and I were introduced to Rocky by a friend of his who said he was the “funnest” pup. We took one look at his photo and knew you would want to meet him.

His human is Jenna Bauers, and Rocky is an 11-month-old, 125 pound Bernedoodle (that’s a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle) who has no idea how big he is. He’s a derpy goofball, sometimes clumsy, super spunky and an all-around adorable dude!

Meet Rocky:

Hi! I'm Rocky! 

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you found your family?

Well things didn’t start out so great for me. I wasn’t well cared for and I didn’t have a lot of hope until one night in my dreams a pup named Boone spoke to me. He was pretty sick and he told me he wasn’t going to be around much longer and needed someone to take care of his family. He said he had a good family who would take really good care of me too. I could hardly wait to meet them!

Not long after that I ended up at the Help for Homeless Pets shelter where I waited until one day - the BEST day - finally came. That was the day I met my mom! Oh boy, oh boy was it exciting! She was just like Boone said she would be - kind and loving with a big smile on her face. Everything I did made her laugh and it made me want to be even sillier to see her light up! I knew she needed me as much as I needed her.

Oh, but that’s not all! My new family also included a human brother. Can you believe my good fortune? Bruce and I were best friends from the start. Just two little boys running around and playing - what could be better than a mom AND a best friend?

And then there’s Milo. He’s pretty chill. He’s just a bit smaller than me so I let him lay on me and, in exchange, he helps me clean out my ears. His little cat paws are kind of perfect for that job.

Milo & Me

My whole family is the absolute best! I don’t know what I would do without them.

Everyone has their roles and chores in a family, can you tell me about yours?

Absolutely! I am so proud of my role at home. My biggest job is taking out the trash. And I don’t mean taking it outside to the trash bin, I mean taking it out - literally. You wouldn’t believe the kind of stuff my mom tries to throw away. Sometimes I have no idea what she’s thinking. If it weren’t for me she would throw out the BEST paper towels - the ones with all the good smells on them. Luckily I’m there to retrieve them and put them on a chair where she can see them and smell all those wonderful smells. It’s a big job, it really is. I have to work every day. Taking out the trash is not something you can just let go for a day or two.

When you’re not doing chores, what do you like to do for fun?

I’m quite the avid hiker. Now I know what you’re thinking - “He’s so big, he doesn’t look athletic” - but guys, seriously, you just haven’t seen me run! Ok, ok, sometimes I may get to running too fast and then my legs just fold over and I slide to the ground but -  psssfph - I just laugh that right off. Oops! No biggy. I’m good, I’m good, let’s keep going.

I know for a fact that Bruce wouldn’t want to hike without me. Mom would just keep going and going - she obviously doesn’t understand the need for nap breaks - oh and snack breaks! But not to worry, that’s why I’m along. When it’s time for a break I just plop down right where I’m at. Mom says I’m dramatic. But it’s good to take breaks. And eat snacks. Just ask Bruce, he’ll agree with me. I could nap for a solid hour, but mom’s all like “Ok come on, let’s keep moving” and I’m all like, “Are you sure we have to go already?” 

I also love hiking because it means I get to ride in the car and I love car rides. I get to ride in the backseat and I run back and forth from window to window. The wind blows my big ears and it’s pretty much the best feeling ever.

So I hate to bring up an embarrassing moment, but I did hear about a little incident you had getting in the car once...

Oh geez! It’s true. I’m such a clumsy goofball! Mom opened the back car door and I came flying out of the house. I was so excited and I made a beeline for the back seat. Buuuuut I might have overshot the jump and hit the door instead. Oopsy! Sometimes I’m just a little bit clumsy, but I just couldn’t slow down I was so excited! And besides, I’m not afraid to look silly. Like I said, it makes Mom laugh and I love to make her laugh.

What is your favorite treat?

Huh? What kind of question is that? I love every kind of treat of course! Getting a bone is just heaven and mom buys me a variety. You wouldn’t want to eat the same dessert every day, would you? The best mornings in our house are the mornings that mom makes pancakes! I looooovvvveee pancakes! I always get my own and it makes me feel really special. 

Do you have any bad habits?

Well ummm, uhhh, well you see the thing is...when you walk into Dee-O-Gee and smell all those wonderful smells and are surrounded by all those wonderful bones and treats it’s kind of hard to just walk by. Especially when they’re right in your face! I wait till mom gets busy shopping or talking and then I just find the one I want and snatch it up real quick. Then she’ll look over at me and I’m all like “What? This is mine now.” I wouldn’t say I “steal” it, mom always buys it for me, I just figure she needs help knowing which one to buy. 

But seriously, Dee-O-Gee! I know it’s on the opposite side of town and means mom has to drive farther, but it’s so worth it! I don’t get to go to many stores, mom says with my size it would be mayhem. What do you think she means “my size”? Anyway, Mom takes me there for grooming and they just love me. The first time I went I had to get fully shaved. That’s what happens when you don’t wash your hair, it gets kind of long and matted. But - he he he - it was so fun! I got to run around naked! You should try it! 

Do you have any final thoughts or anything you’d like to share?

I just want to tell people to take a chance on adopting a rescue like me. We just want to be loved and have someone to love! They tell me I’m big, but I think they’re talking about my heart. I have so much love to give. 

Do you have or know a “tail” that wants to be featured? 

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