I'm Buxton, a.k.a. Admiral Buxton of the house Thomae

"Tails" of Billings: Buxton

July 9, 2021

by robyn fogle | photos courtesy of kara thomae

You’re in for some truly heart-warming tales this month as we introduce you to our July “tail” - Buxton the Boxer. Like Rocky, last month’s feature, Buxton is a big boy with a big heart. The forever puppy, 3.5-year-old Buxton (formally known as “Admiral Buxton of the house Thomae”) lives in the country with his human parents Paul and Kara Thomae and siblings Zoe, Sarah, and Grady. Silly but sweet, a fraidy cat who just wants to be friends with everyone, this sensitive, emotional, loving pup is going to melt your heart.

Meet Buxton:

Hi! I'm Buxton! 

So Buxton, tell us some of the highlights of your day.

Dad! Dad, and anything I get to do with Dad, is the highlight of my day. He’s my best friend in the whole wide world! He might not have wanted a dog, especially a big guy like me, but I won him over right away. Dad and I are best buds and we take care of each other. 

The first highlight of my day is seeing Dad off to work. Now let me tell you, this is a real sacrifice because I’m not a morning person. I mean, who is? But I know Dad appreciates it. Before he leaves he tucks me back in on the couch with my red blanket so I can go back to sleep. I have to bury my head underneath the blanket so that the morning sunlight doesn’t get in my eyes.

Sometimes you've gotta take one for the team and my dad's day would NOT start out right without me. 

Then, since Dad’s gone all day, I guard the house and keep an eye on the door. If someone we don’t know starts coming up the drive I stand at attention and let them know there is a big guard dog on duty! I let out a low, intimidating growl. But then...and I hate to admit this...but then I get a bit scared and anxious instead. Besides, what if they’re a friend and not a threat? I’m pretty sure everyone’s a friend. So I wiggle my butt to let them know I want to play and then I get so excited I might kind of, sort of, just pee a little. I don’t mean to, it’s just exciting to have friends come see you.

Some days I get lucky and the UPS lady comes to see me. She’s my friend. I know she’s my friend because she brings me treats! 

And speaking of friends, Mom and I go for walks to see my friends next door. They’re big and strong and absolutely beautiful and I like to sit and admire them. Mom says they’re called horses and they don’t want to play with me, but who wouldn’t want to play with me? I want to play with everyone! I’m a lot of fun to play with!

Then, before I know it, it’s 4:20 pm and that means Dad is almost home! Yes, I know when it’s 4:20 pm - I’m old enough to tell time. That’s the best part of my day! I wait at the back door till I hear “toot toot” - and then I know that’s him! That’s him! That’s my Dad and he’s back! I can’t get outside to greet him fast enough.

Then it’s special treat time with Dad. He uses a special voice that he reserves just for me - isn’t that awesome!? Anything with Dad feels like a special treat. I idolize my Dad.

Dad really is my bestest friend

I heard about a special Christmas gift you gave him last year. Can you tell us about that?

Yes! My sister Zoe and my mom helped me with it and Dad loved it so much he cried. We made him a calendar. And I don’t mean to sound prideful, but it was all about me. 

For July I got to wear red, white and blue star sunglasses, for December I had reindeer antlers, May was me with my Easter basket and ears. You get the idea. Oh and for family birthdays and anniversaries there are pictures of me with that family member. The best part was posing with everyone - I just love my family! I hope we do a calendar every year. Dad would love it!

What are some of your favorite games to play?

Games are the best! I am so good at games and playing and having fun. Dad and I play hide and seek and that’s so fun! He hides and I get to find him. Now don’t tell him I said this, but I don’t think he’s very good at hide and seek because he always hides in the same place. So silly! But even though it’s not hard to find him, it’s super exciting and I wiggle and shake - it makes me so happy.

I’m also really good at basketball. I mean, fetching a tennis ball is cool and all, but that’s for amateurs. I can catch a basketball in mid-air. It really impresses the ladies.

Go big or go home, I always say

And if no one wants to play with me I just go find my squeaky ball and squeak that till someone wants to pay attention to me and play. Works every time!

What is one of your favorite places to go and why?

Friendship Veterinary Center. I know what you’re thinking - what dog likes to go to the vet? But let me tell you about my girls at the vet. They adore me. The receptionist, the vet techs, everyone really. And I adore them just as much. What dude doesn’t love to be surrounded by beautiful women who love him?! I get so excited I practically vibrate...and I may or may not pee a little too. Have you ever been so happy you peed?

I heard you’re very family oriented and loving, can you tell us how you show your family you love them?

Sure, there are lots of ways. When my sister, Zoe, came home from college I was so excited to have her home I jumped up on her and gave her soooo many kisses. Then I just buried my face in her neck - she smells so good - and I think I probably even sighed. It was just wonderful to have everyone home and together again.

My big sister Zoe makes the bestest presents for our family! I miss her so much when she's gone at college. 

And I don’t want to embarrass my brother, Grady, but one time when he was younger our family watched the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain and - spoiler alert - the pup dies at the end. My poor bro got so upset and was crying and sad. I can’t bear to see anyone in my family sad so I had to jump up and lick those tears off his face. I was so worried about him. But we just curled our heads together and I let him cry and I let him know it was ok and that I was right there. 

Watching out for my brother

And when Mom comes home after being gone a few days, I like to tap her chin with my nose and give her kiss, kiss. I just get so excited to see and love on my whole family!

Speaking of your Mom, she may have mentioned you were a bit of a silent but deadly farter…

What?! Huh?! No. No way. There is no proof that those smells come from me. She does try to accuse me, but I just look away and pretend I didn’t hear her because it definitely wasn’t me. Nope. Not me. Next question.

Well she also said you like to steal her spot in bed on Saturday mornings…

That is not true! That’s not how it happens. She’s the one who gets up and how am I supposed to know she’s just going to the bathroom and coming right back? Besides, Dad lets me up. When she gives me that accusing eye I just throw my paw around Dad and snuggle him. Or if I hear her coming back I just freeze. Did you know if you don’t move she won’t notice you? I steal glances at her to make sure she’s not mad, and I hold my breath till she gives up and walks away. 

I mean, listen, if Mom doesn't want me to take her spot, she should stay in bed, right??

Well Buxton, you sure have lots of fun tales to share, but we’re running out of time. Do you have anything else you want to share with our readers?

I just want to put in a quick plug for the Paws in the Park fundraiser event I’m helping to organize. It benefits Kids Kingdom Playground at Kiwanis Park in Laurel and it’s coming up on August 21. There’s going to be dog products and treats for sale - I’m sure my dad will buy me a special treat. Plus a photo booth - I’m a calendar model so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that. And a cutest dog contest which of course I plan to enter! Bring your pups and join us! 

Ok readers, I know you know a “tail” that needs to be featured! 

Nominate your pup, your friend’s pup, your family’s pup or any fun Billings “tail” by emailing Whipper and me at Robyn@simplylocalmagazine.com We’d love to hear from you!

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