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Get Acquainted with MSU Billings

May 31, 2022

by Kelly McCandless | photos courtesy of MSUB

With graduation officially behind most high school seniors, many are shifting their focus to what comes next. MSU Billings has done the same and is preparing to welcome the newest students to campus this fall. 

New student orientations are held multiple times throughout the summer with options for both incoming traditional freshman as well as for students transferring to MSU Billings and adult learners.

In order to help students ensure a smooth transition to MSU Billings, orientation is broken into 4 parts: 

  1. Sign up for orientation and go through class registration. 
  2. Complete the pre-registration module. 
  3. Schedule your advising appointment. 
  4. Attend Welcome Week events.

According to Ed Brown, Director of Admissions, the orientation process recently changed to better serve students. “In the past, registration for classes would happen during Orientation. Now, we changed it so students go through a thorough orientation experience, which can be completed either virtually or in person.” Through the pre-registration module, students express how they prefer to complete orientation as well as spend about an hour reviewing details for the first year and answering questions which will help them register for the right classes. Once complete, the student is invited to register for classes and then attend an overnight. 

Orientation at MSUB

“Attending orientation in person really helps them to see what it’s like on campus,” Brown continues. “They meet campus leaders to help guide them, attend different events, learn what the residence halls are like, experience the dining hall, learn where to find important offices and so much more.”


MSU Billings also offers an on demand virtual orientation for students who can’t attend in person. There are videos they can watch as their schedule allows to help them get acquainted with campus. And, Welcome Week happens the first week of school and offers sessions for students to get oriented if they weren’t able to come earlier. 

“Orientation really prepares students and sets them up for success in their first year,” Brown explains. “It’s not only designed to help them succeed and be prepared, but they build relationships. They make friends during this orientation that often end up being their lifelong friends.” 

Orientations are scheduled this year for June 16-17, July 14-15, or August 4-5Transfer and Adult Learners can select an on-campus 1 day orientation experience with two sessions to choose from: August 18 or August 24.

Details on MSU Billings orientation

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