Exceptional Jewelry, Unforgettable Experiences: Yellowstone Jewelers

December 2023

by Kelly McCandless | photos by Nathan Satran

Matt Bonner's jewelry business is about so much more than sparkle! 

Bonner, who opened Yellowstone Jewelers on Black Friday, has been in the jewelry business for nearly 20 years. And while the sparkle is essential, the relationships are what drew him into the career. “Jewelry is always part of a story,” he shared. “I’ve been part of so many beautiful stories, and I love helping my clients celebrate these monumental moments in their lives.”

Yellowstone Jewelers 

Yellowstone Jewelers recently opened its physical location; the unique and memorable storefront is located at 820 Shiloh Crossing Boulevard, Unit #1. Conveniently situated at the north end of Shiloh Crossing near King Avenue, the building is accessible and immediately creates an experience for patrons as they walk through the doors.  

“I’ve been a goldsmith for nearly 17 years and know how much people appreciate seeing the work being done on their hand-selected piece,” Bonner noted while sharing the fully visible goldsmith shop located in the store. With gorgeous floor-to-ceiling glass surrounding the space, clients can watch the goldsmith customize their selected piece right in front of their eyes, part of the entire experience Bonner aims to create. “I’ve been in jewelry stores all over the country, and most of them are the same. We want to be different. We’ve worked to incorporate all your senses and to create a specific feeling when our clients walk through our doors,” he said, noting that the customer is part of the experience from start to finish. 

Another important aspect of Yellowstone Jewelers is creating a family business, a legacy. “My wife Tiffany is my partner. And, after 18 years in this industry, I’m excited to build something we can make our own. Something that belongs to our family.” This inspiration, combined with his dedication to relationships and sincere gratitude, truly sets this business apart from the crowd.  

A Technical Approach 

As with many things, the role of technology in the world of jewelry is fast-changing and growing in impact. “I’ve always embraced what technology can do for our clients, and we’re eager to use cutting-edge techniques to create what our clients seek,” Bonner explained. Whether sourcing a specific stone or designing something entirely custom, technology is a valuable tool to ensure someone gets exactly what they want.  

Jewelry is always part of a story. I’ve been part of so many beautiful stories, and I love helping my clients celebrate these monumental moments in their lives.
Matt Bonner

“Sometimes it’s using my network. For example, I had a client out of Denver who spent five months searching for a specific kind of sapphire with no luck. Within a week, I was able to find five options for their consideration by using my networks and technology.” Not only can hard-to-find inventory be secured, but Bonner also uses onsite design tools, 3D printing, AutoCAD, and more to physically sit with a client and create a one-of-a-kind piece together.  

Customization has also become more affordable with these kinds of tools, meaning Bonner is well-positioned to help clients create precisely what they want. “Custom design is more affordable than it used to be, and it’s fun to include people. We want them involved in the process; that’s why our shop is out in the open. Clients can watch their selected stone be placed in their setting.” He also noted that the simplified process means there is often no waiting – clients go to the shop window and watch their pieces come together – furthering the whole experience they’ve created.  


At Yellowstone Jewelers, Matt Bonner is committed to relationships and quality and offering inventory patrons won’t find anywhere else. “My goal isn’t to be the cheapest, it’s to be the best,” he explained. With an inventory of high-end and designer pieces, patrons will surely find exclusive items to commemorate any occasion.  

Yellowstone Jewelers will focus largely on diamonds but will have a small inventory of unique color pieces. Clients can work with them online and remotely, but they prefer to connect in person whenever possible to help create that experience from start to finish.  

Bonner’s manifestation of his philosophy is evident from the moment you walk through the doors of Yellowstone Jewelers: exceptional products, memorable experiences, and lasting relationships. “I care about the products and experience, but the most important thing is our connection with people. We genuinely want to build relationships. My favorite part of the business is the friendships I develop with my clients. I get excited to see people walk through the door knowing I’m about to hear about something exciting happening in their lives and help them commemorate it.”  

Rendering of Yellowstone Jewelry | Stop in to see the finished space! 

Check them out at 820 Shiloh Crossing Boulevard Unit #1, at https://yellowstonejewelers.com/ or on Facebook and Instagram @yellowstonejewelers. 

Originally printed in the December 2023 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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