5 Halloween Celebration Ideas

October 2020 | by Lisa Gouveia

Let's creep it real, Halloween will likely look a little different this year, but in my opinion, the holiday is more important than ever as families and communities create a new normal together. It’s with celebrations like Halloween that we create happiness, hope, and excitement for the days ahead. With that, here are 5 ideas to make this the BEST Halloween yet, pandemic and all! 

1. Go Big, Like Really Big with, Home Décor 

Channel your [Nightmare Before] Christmas decorating spirit and decorate with pumpkins, lights, and spooky sights. This will keep the Halloween spirit and excitement alive for weeks! 

2. Opt for a New Candy Delivery 

Trick-or-treat isn’t the only way to fill the pumpkin pail! Instead, spread the goods throughout the backyard in a Candy Graveyard, glow in the dark egg hunt, or opt for a candy smash with a Halloween pinata. 

3. Boo a Neighbor 

Spread anonymous cheer by dropping a Halloween goodie bag on friends and neighbors' doorsteps as a contact-free way to celebrate. Make it extra fun by sneaking to your boo-ing subject’s home after dark, ringing the doorbell, leaving the treats on their doorstep, and running! 

4. Mask Up 

Buy a plain cloth face mask and bust out the glitter, sequins, makers, even tie-dye! Trace frightful shapes or fun patterns and rock your one-of-a-kind creation every chance you get.  

5. Party with a Few 

Throw a small get together with just a few friends to celebrate Halloween! Prepare individually wrapped food options, bottled drinks rather than a punch bowl, and have a scary movie marathon. 

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