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10 Expert Tips for an Organized Home

August 2021

by the OCD girls, Jamie & Rebecca

Let's face it; clutter is a killer of peace within your home. So, as we transition from summer to fall, now is a great time to get organized. The OCD Girls (Jamie and Rebecca) are local experts in the field of all things organization. They graciously shared some wisdom we could all use as we tackle the tumult, which is our stuff! 

  1. Start in the most stressful area. The spaces that you are in every day should reflect calm and peace. If they don’t, start there! 
  2. Take everything out. Everything! Decluttering and organizing begins in a clean and empty space.  
  3. As you take things out, sort them into like categories and toss the obvious garbage and no-longer-needed items. Get rid of all packaging, bulky boxes, and plastic wrapping. This will allow you to better see what you have.  
  4. Organize each category and make the hard cuts. Toss or donate the things you don't use, toss or donate the items that don't work, toss or donate the things that are no longer a part of your stage of life. If you don't love it or use it…it's clutter…even if it was a gift or cost a lot of money.  
  5. Keep only a manageable amount of the same item. We see some consistent problem categories: water bottles, coffee mugs, free logoed T-shirts, piles of socks, expired medicine, extra towels, and linens. You don’t need more space; you need less stuff.  
  6. Assign zones. This is simply dedicating a space for like items, and it holds true for every area of your home.  
  7. Design the space for the look that you want. Enter the beautiful bins and containers to contain your things in their assigned zones.  
  8. Bring it all back in, and don't forget to make room for future favorites! 
  9. Save the top shelf, counter space, or a small nook to display your treasures or other eye-catching items that you love. We almost always throw in a decorative plant or greenery. 
  10. Finish it off with a label! This will teach you and your family how to put things away where they belong and keep your space neat and tidy. 

Are you working on your own or limited on time? 

Start with a manageable area within the space. It could be tackling the pile of shoes, organizing a junk drawer, color coordinating clothing, throwing away expired food, or simply walking around your home with a garbage bag or two! 

When should I call the OCD Girls and invest in a professional organizer?  

If any of the above tips sound too overwhelming for you…call us; we can help! What can typically take YOU days and weeks to organize can take a professional organizing team only hours. We can see our way through the chaos. We have experience in recommending the systems and products to help maintain your newly organized space.

Originally printed in the August 2021 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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