Editor's Note | The Motherhood Journey

May 2021

by stephanie toews

No one can quite prepare you for motherhood. While pregnant, I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, signed up for the weekly email update comparing my baby’s present size to a comparable fruit or inanimate object, and ever so cleverly designed every last detail of the nursery. I took all the vitamins and supplements - even gave up coffee for 9 months. Little did I know that all of my best-laid plans wouldn’t go as planned. A lesson I’ve continued to re-learn throughout the 14 years I've been a momma. From my firstborn son's emergency arrival six weeks early to the teen years and everything in between, motherhood, thus far, has been a wild ride through and through. One filled with twists and turns, the greatest love and simultaneous heartbreak I’ve ever known, (sometimes all within one day!).  

Mothers (of all kinds) can relate to the beautiful, painful, extraordinary journey of raising children who grow into our best friends. And the passion, oh the passion that arises when our kids struggle, are wronged, sad, or heartbroken… We would do anything to ease their pain and carry their burdens. When we can't, we walk alongside them and cheer them on every step of the way—advocating for them, whispering prayers in the quiet and in the chaos, and wondering how we could ever love one human so much—all the while preparing them to leave the nest and soar without us.  

This month, we have the honor of highlighting local mothers and career women sharing their wisdom for fostering a connection with our kids at various ages and stages. Balancing work, motherhood, marriage, and friendships is something of an art form, and these women do so beautifully. We also recognize an extraordinary teen and provide resources and tips for graduates taking the leap into the next phase of life. Our food section is all about my favorite food group- brunch! We bring unique spaces for her at home; a local who designed a beautiful space for her family, nursery design tips, and flowers galore.  

With every passing year, I find my appreciation for my mom growing exponentially (while simultaneously finding myself sounding more and more like her). The example she set for me, while I could never live up to it, is one I strive for every day. The sacrifices, prayers, ceaseless listening, endless comfort, delicious meals (she still makes one for our family at least once a week), and selfless service are the reason I am who I am today. Her model of love and nurturing planted the seeds for our relationship to blossom into a beautiful friendship. She's the reason I prayed to God to give me a daughter so that we could be built-in besties one day too. To her and every great mother around (birth, adopted, or otherwise), thank you. The work you do matters even on the days when you feel unseen, unappreciated, and severely underpaid; you are priceless! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 




Originally printed in the May 2021 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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