RocHouse Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Billings

May 2024

article by Kelly McCandless | photos by Renata Haidle

Offering some of the most sought-after styles, fashion-forward shoppers have loved RocHouse for nearly 25 years, not only for its women’s wear but also for its personalized service.  

RocHouse, known as Meridian before rebranding several years ago, is celebrating 25 years as a retail powerhouse in Billings. The boutique offers top-of-the-line brands, the hottest fashions, and cutting-edge trends - many of which can be difficult to track down in a community like Billings.  

“The name RocHouse is a cross of two of the icons that inspire us: the Rocky Mountains and House of Fashion,” Courtney Burton, Owner and Buyer at RocHouse, explained, noting that the store consolidated its two previous locations down to the one at Shiloh Crossing when they rebranded. RocHouse offers women’s clothing and carries a few men’s items for seasonal or special occasions. What you’ll always be able to find, though, are the high-end designers and outstanding service her team is known for. 

Memorable Experiences 

Burton became the owner of RocHouse in Billings about three years ago, but her history with the boutique and love of all things fashion started long before that. Initially opened in 1999 in Downtown Billings by Lisa Wyss, Burton came on board 14 years ago, working closely with Wyss before purchasing the boutique. This year, they’re celebrating a remarkable 25 years in business – a milestone for any small business. Burton and her team are successful because of the lasting and memorable experiences they create.  

“We build relationships with our customers,” Burton said. “My staff and I have a true love for fashion. That, combined with our dedication to human connection, is key. When it comes to our clients, we’ve seen their children grow up, we know their dogs’ names, they’ve become our friends, and we remember their likes and dislikes. You can’t find these kinds of connections online or in box stores.” 

In addition to relationships, RocHouse works tirelessly to bring the right product to the store for its customers. “Other than relationships, what sets us apart is that we go to about five markets a year all over the country in big cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, and others to find the best and latest pieces for our customers,” Burton shared. She also offers high-end brands that her customers may typically look for at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or Saks, none of which have a presence in Montana. 

All Ages and Stages 

Burton employs a multigenerational staff ranging in age from 20 to 72 – which happens to align with the age ranges the store caters to. If a grandma, a mom, and a daughter come into the boutique to shop, Burton aims for each of them to be able to find something in the store together. 

While collaborating with a multigenerational team could present challenges, Burton’s team thrives in the differences in how they serve their clients and work together. “My leadership philosophy is about how we work wholeheartedly as a team. We’re a family, and we care about one another. Our customers can tell and know we’ll bring that approach to also work together for them.” What’s more, her team genuinely enjoys their work, calling the store their happy place or therapy

Knowing your People 

Burton’s love of fashion started when she was just a little girl. She fondly remembers watching What Not to Wear on TLC with her grandmother. “We loved to shop ‘til we dropped. She was my fashion icon and companion, developing that connection to fashion and what it can do for people early in my life.”  

As Burton described, the clothes she brings into her store and the fashions she seeks are about so much more than trends and clothing. It’s about helping people see themselves. “So often, when a client is in our store, we’re celebrating with them or helping them find the right piece to move forward in their career or life. We’re helping them match their outside to what they’re feeling inside. It is so rewarding.” 

RocHouse prioritizes shopping for its customers, meaning it authentically works to know and understand the people who enter the boutique. “There are so many trends and contemporary styles, and we get to pick what looks like our customer when we go to market,” she said, noting many of the brands they carry are made in the United States, and even more of them are products that allow Burton and her team to customize colors and patterns.  

As one of Billings’ longest-standing boutiques celebrates its 25-year milestone, stop in to experience their exceptional service and genuine passion when you walk through the doors. RocHouse is located at 1025 Shiloh Crossing, Suite 6.  

Correction: In an earlier version of this story Lisa Wyss was inadvertently misspelled as Lisa Weiss. We apologize for any confusion caused by this error. 

Originally printed in the May 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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