Hands of Hope: 25 Years of Hope & Action

March 2024

by tiffany ricci | photo courtesy of DSVS

For 25 years, Domestic & Sexual Violence Services in Carbon and Stillwater counties has served individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. In recognition of its impact to the communities it serves, DSVS is Western Security Bank’s first Hands of Hope recipient in 2024.  

Founded in 1999, DSVS has served over 2,600 survivors. While that number might seem disheartening, Co-Director Jenn Battles is hopeful. "We need to take responsibility that we live in a violent world and it's everyone's job to help by having the conversation move from victim-blaming to victim empowerment. Our theme this year is 24 years of hope and action. We can take action by committing to change within ourselves. We can commit against violence to create a different world." 

The hopeful message is that YOU can be the person who helps a victim become a survivor. That hope can spur action. DSVS offers several avenues of action: 


This is a sensitive subject, and knowing what to say to victims can be difficult. DSVS offers informational training in a wide array of options. They provide outreach in all manners - mandatory reporters, service organizations, and faith congregations. The more people feel comfortable supporting victims, the more they can help.   


  • Helpline- DSVS started as a helpline in the basement of a church by Mitzi Vorachek and a few of her friends. The hotline has always been available 24 hours a day and continues. DSVS offers training to onboard helpline volunteers. 
  • Home Again- DSVS often offers financial assistance to secure housing, while donations from the Home Again store help turn housing into a home for the survivors. Home Again is a non-profit entity that receives donations to help survivors and offers used furniture for sale to help support DSVS’s mission and vision.  
  • Monthly Survivor Events- Community can be a soothing balm to the heartache etched in survivors. DSVS offers monthly events to create a sense of community among survivors. DSVS brings in a variety of community talent to foster confidence, enjoyment, and fun with events like making homemade cinnamon rolls under the direction of a local caterer and perfecting the art of writing and journaling with another local expert.   
  • Donate- Donations of all kinds are needed, including legal services, financial services, and vehicles.

The first step in turning hope into action is education. The more we as a community can learn about the violence afflicting those in our community, the more we can impact change.  

If you are in Carbon and Stillwater Counties and are experiencing abuse, please reach out to the DSVS Helpline at 406-425-2222.  

Originally printed in the March 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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