DIY: Birds Nest Photo Holder

March 1, 2020 | article & photos by lovely hitchcock

The other day while spring cleaning, I realized we had accumulated a large mass of junk, haphazardly scattered between various kitchen drawers. Let's face it, as the years go by, we tend to toss things into junk drawers convinced that we will one day have an unfailing need for said items. Or we think to ourselves, “Looks cute, might use later.”  

When I discovered these small wooden spools stashed away in one of my infamous junk-drawers, I knew that I should do something about them before someone tossed away such precious treasures. I plotted a strategy to use the spools for a mother-daughter craft project.

This is one of those fun and inexpensive projects that makes use of what you already have. You probably have some old kitchen washcloths or towels that need to be replaced or some strips of burlap ribbon that once decorated a Christmas present. You need only wrap them around the little wooden spool. Hot tip: Hot glue is your best friend for this project and many more. 

I free-styled one nest because I only had one premade nest. I shaped aluminum foil into a nest and covered it with moss. Confession: I had held on to that pack of moss for over two years. Alas, I was about to toss it away but then thought of this project. I honestly didn’t have any little birds, but I visited a few dollar stores and finally found some perfect chirpers in a second-hand store. Both the dollar store and second-hand store can be a treasure trove of inexpensive (and often inspirational) materials. 

I knew that this bird’s nest would eventually hold some postcards sent by globetrotting friends, so I glued a metal picture clip holder onto it. This is also a great display piece for that special birthday card from your bestie. Wooden clips work just as well as metal clips. 

Spring-cleaning can be a challenge if you struggle to let go of the precious gems that consume your junk drawers. It's human nature to tidy up and make room for the new, but with a little imagination and a lot of hot glue, you can breathe new life into those old, discarded delights. 

A little birdie told me, “Happy Spring Cleaning!”

Originally printed in the March 2020 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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