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Connect All Month | February 2023

February 2023

by rebecca stewart

The other day, I saw a TikTok of a woman with a title tag of “She’s goin down!” She proceeded to take us on a journey of negative female encounters, first at work ahead of going to the gym, then at the gym. By the time all was said and done, you’re ready to throw hands, because who talks to people that way?? Plot twist: It was her self-talk all along. (@peaceofhermind, if you want to check out the video)  

When I tell you it was comment after comment (over 5,000) of women relating to this video, acknowledging its difficult, heart-wrenching truth. We really are our own toughest critic. Fast forward to Sunday of the same week: “Love your neighbor as yourself…No, really, you’ve got to love yourself in order to love others,” said my pastor in her sermon. Granted, what we put out in the world is often much kinder and gentler than what we’re dishing out to ourselves, so it makes sense that to do better, we’ve got to be better…to ourselves.  

One of the buzziest of buzzwords/phrases of late is “self-care,” and boy, do people have feelings. Whether it feels like there’s not enough time or it’s yet another to-do or you just don’t know where to begin, there are feelings. Self-care looks and means something different to each of us, so let’s not feel like we need to be stuck in a bubble (or bubble bath, as the case may be). But, maybe, we need to shift a gear in our thought process to actual self-care. To be more aware of our self-talk, to be kinder and gentler to ourselves, course correct as needed, but don’t be so mean about it. You know? And then, perhaps we’ll see the care we’re taking with ourselves ripple out to the care we extend to those around us. Shall we try together?   

Becca’s Not-to-Miss February Event 

Does self-care for you involve unleashing your creativity via a class? May I direct you to our Create It page:,where you’ll find a variety of hands-on classes that have you creating everything from candles to string art!  

BSOC presents: The Henry Mancini Institute String Quartet | The Billings Depot

Thursday, February 23 @ 7pm | 

Once upon a time, this Sukin Series concert featured the UK's Albion Quartet. Alas, the group was unable to secure visas in time to come to the states for the February concert. Have no fear, Billings Symphony was able to secure another talented string quartet for the same date, time, and location. (Tickets remain on sale via BSOC's office and website). 

The Henry Mancini Institute String Quartet hails from Miami, FL, and includes Billings native, Rosie Weiss. The quartet presents Klap, Knock, and Stomp, "an eclectic program juxtaposing Celtic and Nordic folk music with works by American avant-garde composers Joan Jeanrenaud and Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)." Get your tickets today! 

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