Billings Street Art

May 2022

photos by arianna skoog

 29th Street Mural by Ruby Hahn Art- Park One Parking Garage Alleyway along North 29th Street Downtown 

 Hope by Wayne Small at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, 1735 Monad Road 

Gateway to the Yellowstone by Elyssa Leininger- North 13th Street Underpass 

The History of Billings by Terri Porta- Park Three Parking Garage 210 North 27th Street 

Dream Chasers by Carlin Bear Don’t Walk, Zoo Montana- 2100 Shiloh Road 

Light Bike Mural concept of Molly Schiltz, The Pub Station South Wall- 2502 1st Ave North 

Greetings From Billings by Noah Woodring, The Pub Station- 2502 1st Ave North 

Wrangler Sponsored Mural Montana Leather Company- 2015 1st Ave North

Originally printed in the May 2022 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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