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7 Teacher Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

December 8, 2021

by katie jones backer

Picture it: Kids are bedecked in their Santa shirts and ugly sweaters, hours away from Christmas break, and buzzing on sugar. The only thing left on their to-do list is giving their teacher the perfect gift.

But WHAT are they gonna give them?

The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all gift, except perhaps a heartfelt thank you card. Honestly teachers don’t expect to receive anything, and students/families shouldn’t feel obligated to give, yet it is such a nice gesture. If you want to brighten a classroom teacher or school staff member’s day this Christmas, here are a few gift ideas for you and your student.

  1. THANK YOU CARDS—Seriously, this is the MOST meaningful gift a student can give, and one many teachers (myself included!) cherish and keep for years to come.
  2. Gift cards are a close second! Who doesn’t love a coffee, box store, restaurant, Redbox, or spa gift card?
  3. Candles, chocolates, and cozy items aren’t bad either!
  4. Themed gift baskets (such as a coffee mug, ground coffee, and a City Brew Gift Card) always go over well.
  5. While treats are yummy, during this COVID season especially, I’d steer clear of bringing homemade treats. While some teachers might chance them, most treats will undoubtedly end up being tossed in the trash. Save yourself the hassle of baking and stick to store-bought this year.
  6. Classroom supplies—Another way to give is to simply ask the teacher what he/she may need in their classroom. Perhaps they’re running low on art supplies, pencils, or glue sticks. This would be an easy time to help them restock for the spring semester.
  7. Something personalized—Do they love Dr. Pepper? Are they obsessed with their dogs? Do they have a favorite Sports team?

Whatever you do this year, just know that the fact you are including a teacher in your Christmas gift list, is incredibly meaningful and appreciated.

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