2023 Camp Guide | Dance, Music, & Theater

March 2023

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Claddagh Irish Dance Summer Classes
  • 406-927-5659  
Itty Bitty Camps
  • NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
  • www.novabillings.org 
  • Location: NOVA
  • June 5-9, August 14-18 | 9am-12pm OR 1-4pm
  • Ages 6-8 | Cost: $150 
  • Itty Bitty Camps are a great way to introduce your Itty Bitty to the world of theater. Using the Actor's Toolkit, students use their body, voice, and imagination to learn how to work as a group, tell stories, and more! 
Summer Theatre School
  • Billings Studio Theatre
  • billingsstudiotheatre.com | 406-248-1141 
  • Location: 1500 Rimrock Rd, Billings
  • June 19-23 | 9am-12pm 
  • Limited to 40 students/session
  • Cost: $75/session
  • Learn theatre basics, audition skills, movement exploring theatre, and finding your actor voice!  
  • Registration deadline: June 9
  • Billings Parks and Recreation
  • www.billingsparks.org | 406-657-8371
  • June 26-30
  • Ages: 11-15
  • Location: Ben Steele Middle School
  • Cost: $275
  • No musical experience required! This camp is designed to give students the full Rock Band experience by creating and learning about rock music. Students will participate and perform in both big band and small group ensembles.
Acting Camp: Romeo & Juliet
  • NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
  • www.novabillings.org 
  • July 10-14, 9am-4pm
  • Cost: $300
  • Middle & High School students
  • This camp provides students with a fun-filled opportunity to explore the world of theater using the popular Shakespeare play Romeo & Juliet. Camp culminates in a showcase performance for friends and family. 
  • Classes include: Acting/Scene Study, Stage Combat, Costuming, Movement
Musical Theater Camp: Tuck Everlasting
  • NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
  • www.novabillings.org 
  • July 17-21, 9am-4pm
  • Cost: $300
  • This camp focuses solely on creating a musical. Students learn dance numbers, acting, and singing using text and music from NOVA's Youth Musical Tuck Everlasting.  
  • NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
  • www.novabillings.org 
  • July 24-28 | 9am-4pm
  • Ages 9-12 & 13-18 (students separated by age/grade level)
  • Cost: $300
  • At Billings’ premier voice camp, students are exposed to music through a variety of activities and methods. Camp culminates in a showcase open to friends & family! 
  • Classes include: Music Theory, Voice, Rhythm
  • NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
  • www.novabillings.org 
  • Aug 7-11, 9am-4pm
  • Grades: 4th-6th and 7th-12th (separated based on age/grade level)
  • Cost: $300
  • Create your own schedule! Topics: Improv, Stage Combat, Acting, Lighting & Sound Design, Movement, Voice Acting. Students are given options between 3 morning electives and 3 afternoon electives.  
  • Billings Parks and Recreation
  • www.billingsparks.org | 406-657-8371
  • August 7-11
  •   Ages 5-7 | 9-10am
  •   Ages 8-10 | 10:30-11:30am 
  • Cost: $85/resident; $95/non-resident
  • This camp is designed for children ages 5-10 who are interested in beginning or continuing piano. This camp uses the Blast Off with Piano series of books for group piano lessons written by Mayron Cole.
Billings Public School's 2023 Summer Music Camp
  • Billings Public Schools
  • https://www.billingsschools.org/departments/music 
  • June 5-9, 12-16, & 19 (Recital: June 20)
  • Classes: 9-9:45am | No Experience
  • 10-10:45am | 1 year experience
  • 11-11:45am | 2+years experience
  • Entering grades 6th-9th
  • Cost: $60
  • The 2023 Summer Music Camp is open to students going into grades 6-9 who play or want to play a band or orchestra instrument. Beginners will learn the basics of their instrument while Intermediate and Advanced players will work on full ensemble arrangements.

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