Wise Wonders Announces Matching Gift Challenge

September 30, 2020 | Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum Media Release

While the staff at Wise Wonders Science & Discovery Museum have been busily working during the pandemic-dictated closure, striving to implement the vision for their larger space, the Museum announced an exciting gift (and giving opportunity) that will serve Wise Wonder's Vision Campaign. The AJ Blain Foundation has agreed to make a $50,000 gift to pose as a matching challenge for the campaign. Any gift made in the next two months will be matched 100% by the Foundation, up to a total of $50,000.

“We are extremely excited about this investment in the museum,” said Executive Director Pete Bolenbaugh. “We have a strong vision for the future of Wise Wonders and our place in the Billings community. Having support of this kind not only helps make that vision a reality, but affirms our path forward. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are energized for the challenges ahead.” 

Included in future plans for the Museum are exhibits and programming content that will focus on science, inquiry-based education, and interactive play, as well as a fully functioning maker space and workshop. The vision creates new spaces for older children, tweens and teens and enhances the experience for younger children. In keeping with the mission of the organization, all plans encourage interactive learning through play and exploration.

“Pete and the rest of the team have put a tremendous amount of work into reinventing Wise Wonders for children of all ages, and we are so proud to see these efforts begin to pay off,” shared board president Kelly McCandless. “We can’t thank the AJ Blain Foundation enough for this investment and momentum. It’s an exciting time for the Museum.”

For more info, please visit at wisewonders.org/vision, facebook.com/wisewondersmuseum/, and instagram.com/wisewonders/

If you would like to get involved in the future of Wise Wonders Science and Discovery Museum, contact Pete Bolenbaugh at (406) 696-8676 or pbolenbaugh@wisewonders.org.

Psst...While we wait for the doors to fully reopen, be sure to swing by their Facebook page to keep up to date on the science-oriented programming they are currently offering. 

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