August 2023 Editor's Note: The Sunday of Summer

August 2023

by stephanie toews, executive editor

August is like the Sunday of summer, and there’s no better time for an adventure.”  


If summer could be put into words, it would be adventure and lazy days. Quiet mornings and noisy nights. Sunshine, stormy skies, and rainbows to follow. Lush green grass, vibrant flowers, and brilliant blue skies. Open windows and gentle breezes. Sun-kissed skin and dirty feet. Walks, hikes, and patio sips. Adventures, bike rides, and an end-of-the-day tired unlike any other. BBQs, live music, and food trucks enjoyed outdoors. A laid-back attitude best spent with the ones we love. If only we could bottle up that summertime state of mind and capture it year-round. 

As we enter summer’s finale in August, a determination to finish it well is in full force. To pack every ounce of fun and adventure into the dwindling summer days and not miss a single opportunity these three magical months bring. This issue is a nod to Summer’s Last Breath with a look at ways to savor the summer vibes throughout the year, enjoy the fresh bounty of the seasonal harvest, and appreciate time in our backyards. As we prepare for back to school, we have some important tips for communicating and supporting our educators, an exclusive introduction to School District 2’s new Superintendent, Dr. Erwin Garcia, fueling for sports, and much more not-to-miss content.  

A successful summer (or any season, for that matter) is measured not by the weather, the marvelous things we do, or the amazing places we go. These are merely the icing on the cake for spending time with the people we love. Faith, family, friendships; not much else matters! Our greatest investment is in people, not travel, houses, cars, or education. Not in our careers, bank accounts, or retirement plans. It’s in the ones we share life’s short adventure with, the joy we find in the simplest or most complex moments when we are together, rain or shine, and how we can encourage and uplift others. Seasons change, and there are both beautiful and hard things to come; keep your people close.  

No matter where this month takes you, we are thankful that you bring Simply Local Magazine along for the ride. Happy August! 



Originally printed in the August 2023 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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