The Dwelling Place: Curating Your Child’s Bedroom

August 2023

by Claire DePinto

The Nursery 

Planning for the arrival of a new little one comes with a long list of items to prepare, but chances are you’ve put lots of your “nesting” thoughts into creating a beautiful, peaceful nursery space. Nurseries are unique because the person who residing in the room has no opinions or décor preferences. Take advantage of this opportunity to display those beautifully organized wooden toys, neatly folded blankets, and organize the closet by size and season.  

Nurseries are more of an expression of the family and parents than of the child being welcomed, as you’ve yet to discover your sweet little person’s personality. I recently welcomed a new bundle into my home – here are some tips I used when creating this unique space: 

  • Incorporate furniture that will be functional for years to come. I always opt to add in vintage pieces that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so, and many vintage dressers work great as a changing station too! 
  • Include beautiful yet practical storage solutions. Baby gear seems to multiply and consume closets. Add thoughtful storage solutions such as stylish baskets and bins to help contain the chaos and allow daily tasks to be a breeze. 
  • Choose a subtle paint color – this helps create a unique feel from the rest of the home and maintains a timeless character to in the room.  For example, I chose blush pink instead of bubblegum pink for my girl's nursery. 
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new – instead of the typical “ABCs” on the wall, find unique artwork to add character to the space.  Pictured is a tapestry I found that I added trim around to create a mural effect without commissioning an artist! 

The “Big Kid” Room 

Fast forward a few years, and your not-so-little toddler is ready to transition into their “big kid” space. A lot has changed from when you first brought this little one home, and chances are they now have much more of an opinion - one that they are unafraid to share. Creating a space you both love will be more of a negotiation – you want the space to be unique and able to continue growing with your child, and they want whatever their favorite bright color and cartoon character is that day.  Here are some tips for how to balance everyone’s opinions and create a classy “big kid” room: 

  • When selecting paint, pick more neutral colors. Then, add color and personality to their room through bedding, rugs, books, wall décor, and displays of their handmade arts and crafts. This not only helps get them excited about the transition; but can also be easily changed and updated as their unique style and interests evolve and grow with them.  If you use a less neutral color, stick to more muted shades vs. bold colors. 
  • Allow your child to make some guided decisions. For example, select a few sheet/bedspread options that pair well together and allow your child to decide which is their favorite. This gives them ownership of their “new” room and maintains a cohesive space.  
  • Make spaces in your kid’s room for them to proudly display their favorite works of art. We all enjoy surrounding ourselves with pieces that have significance, and I believe kids are no different.  

Some of your sweetest memories with your child will occur in their rooms. Putting in the time to make these spaces inviting, warm, and cohesive will make everyone want to spend even more quality time together in them. Cherish every moment! 

Originally printed in the August 2023 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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