Snap to It: Rimrock Mall Launches Selfie Scavenger Hunt

March 3, 2024

It's time to get snapping, friends! Rimrock Mall is holding a #SelfieScavengerHunt March 1-29, 2024 with a $50 gift card at stake. Here's how to play: 

  1. Snap a selfie with each of the 10 items on the list! (As the name implies, you need to be in each photo you snap.)
  2. Share a picture on Facebook and/or Instagram tagging Rimrock Mall and the store you found the item in with #selfiescavengerhunt.

Once you have a selfie with all 10 items and have shared at least one online, come to the Rimrock Mall Management office to claim your $50 gift card to a participating store, while supplies last.

Claim your prize Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm.

Get the downloadable list, here


The first 80 people to complete the challenge will be winners and will have the opportunity to receive their prize upon completing the hunt in full; they could randomly win one of the following:

  1. $50 AMC Gift Card (x8)
  2. $50 Bath and Body Works Gift Card (x8)
  3. $50 Box Lunch Gift Card (x8)
  4. $50 Build-A-Bear Workshop Gift Card (x8)
  5. $50 Daily Thread Gift Card (x8)
  6. $50 Dillard’s Gift Card (x8)
  7. $50 Eddie Bauer Gift Card (x8)
  8. $50 The Buckle Gift Card (x8)
  9. $50 Tippy Cow Express Gift Card (x8)
  10. $50 Tradehome Shoes Gift Card (x8)

Which prize was won will be provided to the winner when contacted. 

Don't miss out, head to the Mall and get snapping those selfies! 

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