Showing Your Love Daily

February 4, 2020 | by tyller moline

The relationships we create with others throughout our lifetime make life special. Sometimes in the chaos of life we get sidetracked from showing loved ones and friends how much they mean to us. Below are some ideas on how to take care of your relationships on the daily.

Constant grand gestures are not necessary. However, doing little things to remind someone how much you love them speaks volumes.

1.      ASK HOW THEIR DAY WAS (and then actually listen)

Although this seems like such a simple thing, it can make a huge difference in their day. Think about it from your perspective. When you’ve had a rough day, or a great day, oftentimes all you want is to talk to your spouse or a good friend about your day, right? It makes you feel better and can help you gain clarity on a situation. Yet, it’s important to actively listen and show genuine interest in how their day was. Otherwise, there will be a lack of support being communicated, which is the opposite of what you are attempting to convey.


We all have a lot on our plate and sometimes we just need someone to take a piece from it because it is too full. So, maybe take the initiative to complete a task for a loved one or friend so that they can take a second for themselves. They won’t expect you to do this, and they will greatly appreciate it. It can be as simple as cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, or picking up your friend’s kids from school. The possibilities are endless.


Many believe chivalry is dead, but it doesn’t have to be. Opening and holding the door, offering your jacket when it’s cold outside, and simply being respectful, goes a long way in telling your significant other how much you love them without ever saying a word.


In this digital age, our attention spans are shorter than ever. According to a study completed by Microsoft, the average attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. This means remaining focused has become more difficult than ever, and people are feeling the need to be instantly satisfied. Yet, staying unplugged and engaged while in conversation with your loved ones and friends, is vital in showcasing how much you care.


It’s so easy to want to do things our way all the time. However, I think by letting go of some control and allowing others to show you their interpretation or way of doing things, you accomplish two major things. You gain a new perspective and you make the other person feel like the lens through which they see the world is a unique and impactful one.


Saying sorry lets your loved one or friend know that you are in tune with the fact that you hurt their feelings. In other words, it communicates your sensitivity to how your actions or words impacted them, and the fact that you care enough to take the time to apologize for it.  


I think starting a tradition that is specific to you and someone close to you, is something that can become sweeter with time. Anything can be made a tradition as long as it is meaningful to you and the other person.

All in all, “I love you” needs to be shown, not just said, and life is too precious to not do this daily.

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