Saturday Live Postponed; Fun Run to Continue with COVID Protocols in Place

August 31, 2021

media release

For Immediate Release: August 31, 2021: The Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools announced today the postponement of Saturday Live 2021. 

Saturday Live, originally scheduled for September 18, 2021, brings together schools and community members from across the community for a day of carnival activities and food, raising money for individual school groups as well as the Education Foundation. The event includes a fun run in addition to the wide variety of family-friendly booths and entertainment. 

“Saturday Live attracts thousands of children and families each year,” said Kelly McCandless, Executive Director of the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools. “While we’re very disappointed to have to delay this event, we’re certain we’re making the best possible decision for our kids and our schools.”

The decision is based on the rapidly rising COVID numbers, the subsequent strain on hospital staffing, and the fact that Saturday Live is geared toward elementary-aged kids who don't yet have access to the vaccine. 

“There is real concern about COVID spread in the classrooms over the coming weeks,” explained McCandless. “Hosting a large event as numbers go up is too risky for our students. We respect the significant rise in COVID-19 cases. Combined with the hostile political environment around the decision to require masks in School District 2, postponing the event was the best possible choice.”

Fundraising for our schools is still possible through the Foundation’s SUV Raffle. More information is available at 

“Our hope is to hold Saturday Live at a later date once the current conditions return to a more normal, manageable range. More information will be shared once details are finalized,” finished McCandless. 

Details on the Fun Run will be released in the near future as the Foundation finalizes the safest way to conduct this smaller, impactful event. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools visit You can reach the Foundation team at 406.281.5149 or at 

The Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools provides support to educators and students through philanthropy, connection, and collaboration. We strive to give all students the tools they need to reach their greatest potential and to develop into engaged and productive citizens.

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