Rest and Restore at Old Pine Retreats

July 1, 2024

by Maria Weidich | Photos by Nathan Satran

The tiny house movement is a growing trend that is captivating homeowners looking for simplicity and efficiency. These small homes are also becoming attractive vacation rentals.

Kelvin Haidle of Old Pine Retreats owns and operates three unique, carefully crafted tiny homes nestled on 60 acres in Emerald Hills, just minutes from downtown Billings. “Since we bought the land, we had dreams of building places out here,” Kelvin said of purchasing the land with his wife Teryn and parents Kevin and Deanne Haidle. “And my dream was to always be involved in the building process.”

While he has extensive experience in home remodeling and owns his own business, Uniquely Inspired Construction, Kelvin enlisted Larry Kennell of 7K Enterprises to take the lead on all phases of constructing Old Pine Retreats homes. “The credit is due to Larry and his family; I was just an understudy,” Kelvin laughed. Eager to roll up his sleeves and learn the trade, Kelvin and his family were fully invested in bringing the vision of Old Pine Retreats to life. 

Retreat, Rest, and Restore

The mission of Old Pine Retreats is and always will be to create a place to retreat, rest, and restore. “It’s a space to come and be a part of nature,” Kelvin explained. “Just come, just be, disconnect, and have a place of rest.”

In addition, each of the three homes on the property evokes the same core values: accessibility, beauty, solitude, and slow time. “There is intentionality to creating the beauty of this space; everything you experience, inside and out, holds this idea of beauty.”

As for finding solitude and slow time, Kelvin almost wishes he didn’t have to display clocks in the homes. “We’re in a world running from one thing to the next, doing everything we can to keep our head above water. We want this to be a space where you feel like you’re removed from it.”

Sustainable Style Through Upcycling

Old Pine Retreats achieved much of its unique character by restoring and repurposing salvaged and unwanted building materials and décor. In addition to cutting costs and reducing waste, using upcycled materials throughout the homes at Old Pine Retreats adds beauty, style, and originality to its spaces.

“Our approach to materials was a bit unique,” Kelvin explained. “We tried to find as many materials off-market or for discounted rates.” For example, the glass garage door used in the Boho Bungalow was brand new from a homeowner who elected not to use it as originally intended. “If we found materials that weren't part of our original home design, we just made adjustments to accommodate the materials.”

Boho Bungalow

In Kelvin’s words, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom Boho bungalow is a mishmash of so many different things that come together. While the décor offers a unique flare, that’s exactly what the Boho style is meant to be, Kelvin said.

The eclectic mix of details of the 450-square-foot home is credited to Kelvin’s wife, Teryn, and Aunt Kim Anderson, both freelance designers. “They are the visionaries,” he said. Each home has a theme, and they’ve done all of it; it’s all their vision.”

From repurposed shutters serving as attic doors, vintage side tables made into vanities, and reclaimed shelving turned into a coffee bar, the interior design delights at every turn. The one-of-a-kind glass garage door pours bright light into the kitchen and, when rolled up, blurs the lines between inside and out, making for the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience. 

In lieu of traditional flooring, stained concrete blankets the floor. The Roman Clay fireplace surround goes up the length of the 21-foot ceiling. 

Industrial Loft

The Industrial Loft is Old Pine Retreat’s largest tiny home, offering two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,100 square feet. “The industrial theme was new for all of us,” Kelvin admitted. All of a sudden, we were buying brick and black cabinets, but it was fun to see how it all came together. We want each home to be unique and something that you don’t see every day.”

 Step outside any Old Pine Retreat property to a sizeable 12-by-35-foot deck, carefully positioned to lend the most privacy. 

The outdoor patio furniture and fireplace extend the home's footprint, making it the ideal place to retreat, rest, and restore.

Farmhouse Cottage

The third and most recent build at Old Pine Retreats is fondly called the Farmhouse Cottage. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is 1,000 square feet and, with an upper level, walk-out deck, offers views for days.

“The views are just awesome,” agreed Kelvin. “The downstairs is pretty much just windows with views all over the place. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the favorites.”

The home boasts lots of raw edges, old farmhouse-style décor, plenty of tongue-and-groove ceilings, shiplap walls, and a stand-alone cast iron fireplace.

The mini stove, in-sink dishwasher, and mini fridge are all uniquely styled and, with their small footprint, lend more space for living. 

“There are so many design details, and I think that’s where the difference lies,” Kelvin said. “Nothing was forgotten, inside or out.”

“What is so amazing about this place is you’re just surrounded by wooded country, but literally 20 minutes from downtown Billings,” Kelvin said of Old Pine Retreats. Enveloped by open land, pine trees, and breathtaking views, it’s a space to unplug and experience the openness.

“If you’re looking to get away but need an easy place to get to, there’s so much healing and rest that occurs when you’re in this space, and that’s the big vision behind it.” Kelvin Haidle

Learn more and book a stay at Old Pine Retreats at SLM

Originally from Alaska, Maria resides in Billings with her husband, two daughters and chocolate lab, Echo. When she’s not chasing her kids or that next running goal, you can find her weekend-warrioring in the mountains or thinking about her next cup of coffee.

Originally printed in the July 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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