Bringing Natural Skincare Treatments to the Magic City

July 1, 2024

by Stephanie Hobby | Photos by Renata Haidle

At Element Skin Therapy, it’s all about you. Owner and founder Kialy Lessard firmly believes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare. Each client is unique, and her goal is to tailor treatment to get the results you want in a natural, non-invasive way, working with the skin, not against it.

A self-described “girly girl” since childhood, Lessard says she has been drawn to skincare and beauty treatments for as long as she can remember, but she didn’t know it could provide a living until after high school. She found an aesthetician program in Boise, Idaho, where she trained for a year, learning from educators who emphasized treating the whole client, not just passing the licensing boards, and that ignited her passion even further. 

“Aging gracefully is a privilege and not something to be scared of. We love working with clients in a way that encourages natural beauty.” 

In her early 20s, her career took her to Portland, Oregon, where she worked in various settings, including medical and day spas, but she longed for the community where she grew up. In 2019, she packed up and headed home to Billings but couldn’t find a job in her industry. “I had always had a dream of opening my own business, but it felt like a pipe dream,” she said. Returning to her hometown gave her an added layer of security, with the option of moving back in with Mom if it didn’t work out, and she decided to go for it. 

And then 2020 hit. It was a rough time for people in the aesthetics industry, and she found herself second-guessing her decisions, but that quickly turned around. “There’s something about that period when we were able to open back up, and clients were really excited and ready to get back into self-care routines. I think it ended up being a blessing in disguise,” Lessard said.

By 2021, she was looking for a space for her business and established her current location. In May of this year, they held a grand re-opening to celebrate doubling the space, allowing Element to employ eight licensed aestheticians and house four treatment rooms while expanding their retail footprint.

As the beauty industry continues to grow and more and more treatment options are approved, it can feel daunting to wade into skincare. To avoid that confusion, Element Skin Therapy works with each client to determine their goals for treatment and come up with the best possible options. “It can be overwhelming even to go into Target or Sephora to see that wall of skincare products, and you don’t even know where to start,” Lessard said. “We never want people to feel like that here. This is a very comfortable space where you do not have to be a skincare expert. That’s literally our job, not yours.” 

Element’s philosophy is firmly grounded in positivity. “The only thing about this industry I don’t always love is that it can very much prey on women’s insecurities, especially. My goal with everything we do, whether it be our services, our marketing… the whole ethos of Element, is that we want to work with your skin. We want to work with you in a way that inspires your confidence but doesn’t take away from those things that make you unique and make you you,” Lessard said. She is avoiding the medical spa element, including Botox and fillers, because she wants to help steer the narrative of aging in a more positive direction.

Element offers corrective results for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and the inevitable lines that come with aging. They also provide LED therapies, chemical peel treatments, more traditional European facials, micro-needling alternatives, and an intensive Acne Boot Camp to help ween patients off medications and treatments that may come with harsh side effects. 

Lessard is a devout believer in continuing education, and she and her staff work diligently to stay abreast of new developments in the industry while also incorporating tried and true techniques that have been proven over decades. “This is an evolving industry. We love keeping a finger on that pulse, but also make sure we’re bringing in things that work, not just because it’s trendy, but because we’ve tried it and found it to work,” Lessard said. “It’s very cool that we’ve been able to find this niche that does it in a way that is very non-invasive and holistic but still very results-driven and results-oriented.”

The staff prides itself on its emphasis on customer service and dedication to the community. Lessard says it’s not unusual for her aestheticians to text about a client’s concerns at 10 p.m. on a weeknight, and it’s all part of the package in their efforts to be a concierge skincare service.

Finally, Lessard says she frequently offers donations or sponsorships to various organizations and is always looking for ways to get involved and give back to her hometown. “I feel so fortunate to be so well-received by the Billings community. It blows my mind every day that I get to do what I love so much and teach my team. It’s literally the fulfillment of a life-long dream.” SLM

Stephanie Hobby is married to an awesome Billings guy. They love skiing, hiking, traveling, and other adventures with their two fun kids and crazy dog.  

Originally printed in the July 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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