Lovestruck Valentine Earrings

February 1, 2020 | by jessica robbins

Nothing says “I Love You” like super cute jewelry! This is the perfect DIY for yourself, your daughter, friend, or significant other this Valentine’s Day. There is no better present than a handmade gift from the heart to show you care!


  • Leather teardrop cutouts
  • Round jewelry clasp
  • Jewelry fishhooks
  • Utility knife


  1. Start by selecting the leather and color for the earrings. (Hobby Lobby sells pre-packaged, colored, teardrop leather that made this project super easy). I chose to use black and red for Valentine’s Day.
  2. Trace a heart on the backside of the black leather piece. Using a utility knife, cut out the heart shape. There are also patterns for a cricut machine if you are lucky enough to have one. The sky is the limit with a Cricut machine.
  3. Next, place the black leather piece on top of the red leather piece. If your leather does not already have a little hole on top for attaching the ring, you can use a thumbtack to create one.
  4. Attach your round jewelry clasp to the hole of both leather pieces. Now take your earring fishhook and attach it to the round clasp. Sometimes you might need to use pliers to tighten the clasp. That’s it!

I will definitely be wearing these this Valentine’s season. Don’t forget to show your loved one how much you love them this special holiday! 

Originally printed in the February 2020 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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