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Love Made Simple: Everyday Ways to Share the Love

February 2023

by steph smith

February, home to Valentine’s Day and showy acts of love with gifts of chocolates, flowers, jewelry, giant teddy bears, singing telegrams, and love notes. This is all well and good, but what if we chose to be more intentional about showing our love every day of the month to those we love most, instead of containing it to one day? The following ideas can be used to show love to anyone in your circle.   

February 1* – Put away money every day/week that you usually spend on yourself for coffee or lunch for a gift card towards your special someone’s favorite store or coffee shop.  

February 2 – Look them in the eyes, smile, and when they ask why you’re smiling, say, Because I love you. 

February 3 – Write I love you—thanks for loving me. on a sticky note and put it by their bathroom mirror or in their lunchbox. 

February 4 – Take a walk, hold hands, keep the conversation light. 

February 5 – Grab their favorite beef jerky, candy, wine, beer, or gum while grocery shopping. Kiss them on the cheek and say, I was thinking of you today. 

February 6 – Walk up behind your loved one, hug them, and whisper, I’m so glad you’re here. 

February 7 – Send a text (or two or three) during the day with messages like, I’m looking forward to spending time with you after work today. or I hope you’re having a good day—let’s snuggle later. Then follow through! 

February 8 – Arrange for a babysitter, get dinner reservations, and go on a date.   

February 9 – Embrace them, look them in the eyes, and thank them for something specific they did for you that day.  

February 10 – Make their favorite snack or meal, and don’t ask for help with the clean-up. 

February 11 – After your loved one does a chore at home, acknowledge it and thank them for being a great teammate. 

February 12 – Let them pick the TV show or movie to watch after dinner—don’t complain about their selection. 

February 13 – Do a chore for them. If they don’t notice or thank you for helping—that’s okay. 

February 14 – Take a date. Leave your cell phone on vibrate and keep it in your purse or pocket. Don’t talk about work, money, the weather, or politics. Instead, connect deeply, laugh, give compliments, and enjoy each other’s company. 

February 15 – In the morning, greet them with a kiss. Tell them you’re looking forward to spending time with them after work tonight. Be present. 

February 16 – Make a special trip to the store to grab their favorite lotion or lip balm. Give it to them with a kiss and say, I got this for you just in case you’re out. 

February 17 – Arrange a pedicure or time with a friend at the indoor golf simulator. 

February 18 – Embrace with a longer-than-normal hug and whisper, I’m so thankful you’re in my life. 

February 19 – Clean up the kitchen or fold laundry with them. Ask about their day and listen without interrupting. Sit with them in their frustrations or excitement. Don’t offer advice—affirm and validate. 

February 20 – Call during the workday to connect and ask how their day is going. Leave a sappy or spicy voicemail if they don’t answer. 

February 21 – Make a coupon book that includes a handful of coupons they can use ANY TIME for things like, Good for one trip to the gas station to fill up my tank or Good for one foot rub

February 22 – Let them sleep in on the weekend while you take the kids grocery shopping. Leave a note next to their pillow telling them to rest for as long as they want—you’ve got the kids. 

February 23 – When they’re doing a chore, jump in and tell them that you’ll take care of the rest. 

February 24 – Buy them that golf club or pair of shoes they’ve been eying.  

February 25 – Put together a puzzle, play a board game, video game, or card game together. Enjoy each other’s company—spice it up. 

February 26 – Check out their Amazon wish list and order an item or two for them. 

February 27 – Write a sappy letter and mail it to their/your home address. Speak truth and encouragement, and thank them for their hard work to take care of you and your family. 

*February 28 – (See February 1) Give your loved one the gift card you’ve worked towards all month.  

March 1 – Start this checklist over again and develop your own ideas. 

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Originally printed in the February 2023 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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