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Know Before You Go: Projectile Comedy | Live Improv

March 9, 2021

article & photos by robyn fogle

I’ll admit it, my initial thought when I hear or read about an upcoming event is rarely “sounds fun, let’s go!” Nope, not me. My first thought is more along the lines of “sounds fun, but what can I expect?”

I like to plan ahead. I like to know the particulars. I like to appropriately set my expectations. 

So when I’m considering checking out something or someplace new, I do what we all do when we want details - I Google it. I want to read reviews and write-ups first, I want to see pictures and peruse menus. In short, I want to “know before I go.” 

Can anyone else relate? 

If so, these posts are for you. You’ll get a little insider knowledge, some pro tips, some pictures, and you’ll be able to know-before-you-go.

This month, let’s talk about the Projectile Comedy Improv Show that happens every Thursday night at The Loft Dance Club. My husband and I are fans of improvisational comedy so it wasn’t hard to talk him into attending the show with me on a recent Thursday night. 

(Side Note: If you’re interested in knowing more about the art of improv and Projectile Comedy in particular, then be sure to check out our upcoming article where we talk with Owner/Director Chas Llewellyn.) 

The Venue:

The show starts at 8pm so we arrived about 10 minutes prior. It’s easy to spot The Loft on 1st Avenue North thanks to their glowing sign out front. But we’d never been there before so we parked on a side street and walked to the front. 

Don’t do that! The front door doesn’t even have a handle! 

Park behind the club (they have a dedicated lot) and go in the back entrance. Here’s a photo of the door to look for so you don’t walk into the casino by mistake. 

The Loft entrance

Once inside you’ll walk past a door to a swanky outdoor patio with a fire pit - take note of this especially if you’re a smoker, it’s the place to go during the 15 minute break halfway through the show.

You’ll be greeted by a hostess who will check your ID (you must be 21+ to enter) and collect your $5. The bar is on your right so you can order a drink before sitting down, or they also have a server who will come around to take your order if you prefer.

The Loft has a full liquor bar, $5 craft drafts, bottled beer, canned sparkling seltzers plus mini bottles of wine so you have plenty of imbibing options. No food though, so make sure this is your after-dinner entertainment.

The Loft felt like a typical club. Think disco ball, dance floor, high top tables around the edges etc. But for this occasion, there were also low tables and chairs on the dance floor and even a balcony if you’re looking to socially distance. We weren’t so we grabbed a seat at one of the low tables near the back. 

Couples of all ages were scattered around the room, a few groups looked to be on double dates, other folks were there solo and everyone was dressed casually. Trust me, you’ll fit right in. 

My date, settled in, and ready to laugh!

There were around 30 people there when the show started a few minutes after 8 pm. Another 10+ people had shown up by 8:30 pm, so if you’re running late don’t sweat it - just slip on in and find a seat.

The Show:

Six Projectile Comedy players, plus a special guest on this particular night, were introduced. 

“We can’t do this show without you,” boomed the emcee who really brought the energy and excitement.

He started by laying down the rules:

  • Rule #1: Have Fun
  • Rule #2: Laugh, laugh, laugh
  • Rule #3: Shut the F*** Up (i.e. keep talking to a minimum during the show)

Easy. Done! 

The first game they played, “Chain Murder” - which the emcee described as a combination of Clue and Charades - was downright hilarious! We were genuinely laughing (not just smiling and polite chuckling).

This was followed by “Open Season” games - “no gimmicks, no rules, just pure improv based on audience suggestions.” 

They switched games, and players, frequently which kept it interesting. The audience, ourselves included, was quite engaged throughout the show. 

The players

With each new game we had the opportunity to participate by offering suggestions:

“Give me a murder weapon”

“A rubber chicken!” someone yelled out.

“I need a profession” 

“Geriatric stripper!” came a snickered response.  

“How about a famous person?”

 “Channing Tatum” barked a voice near the front. 

We audience members didn’t make it easy on the players, but they stepped up to each and every challenging suggestion. 

Around 9pm there was a 15 minute break offering attendees a chance to head outside to smoke, order another drink, use the restroom, or just sit and discuss the first half of the show.

It was lively, entertaining, and just as they promoted it: “the best $5 ticket in Billings!” 

If you’re looking for a Thursday night laughter therapy session you can’t go wrong with this show!

  • Who: Anyone 21+ who likes to laugh
  • What: Live Improv with Projectile Comedy
  • When: Every Thursday night 8-10pm
  • Where: The Loft Dance Club (1123 1st Ave. N)
  • Cost: $5

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