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Gathering & Connecting: Niche Networks Drive Quality Interactions

May 2021

by Jennifer Reiser, CCE, IOM | Chief Operating Officer, Billings Chamber of Commerce 

As relational beings, people form bonds with groups to which we belong. These relationships involve communication, personal growth, sharing of knowledge, and can lead to collaboration.  

 The pandemic drastically affected our ability to gather, decreased our ability to feel connected, and may have, to some extent, stunted our professional growth. The Billings Chamber series of Networks exists to bring people together, both virtually and in person. We commit to delivering value, a quality experience, and safe, responsible procedures to protect you and your teams.  

 Business Development Network  

This network's focus is to assist business development professionals and businesses in creating long-term value, developing relationships to benefit business, and exploring how interactions create growth opportunities. Sessions include formal presentations, small group discussions, and idea-sharing. The Business Development Network is targeted toward professionals charged with building the pipeline of business and developing leads and relationships for their organization. 

Billings’ NextGEN – Emerging Leaders Professional Network 

The NextGEN network exists to foster relationships among young professionals, develop business opportunities, support civic involvement, and promote an overall investment in our community's future. NextGEN is the leading social and business networking group dedicated to building a better Billings. Made up of motivated, energetic young professionals, it offers various events for professional growth, community engagement, and opportunities to network and develop friendships.

Leadership Billings Alumni Network

The Leadership Billings Alumni Network is committed to increasing Leadership Billings’ alumni engagement and enhancing members' opportunities to ConnectLearn, and Serve. Membership allows complimentary access to four quarterly events designed especially with the focus to Connect to fellow alumni; Learn about hot topics, leadership development, and community issues; and develop new ways to Serve as a leader. 

Women’s Network 

The Women’s Network exists to provide opportunities for female business leaders to learn, build relationships, and grow. It offers volunteer opportunities to engage with and mentor female professionals.

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