Elegance from the Inside Out

September 2021

by stephanie toews | photos courtesy of Central Wellness

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” Coco Chanel 

When it comes to insecurities about our appearance, few of us don't have them. So often in our race through overfilled lives, working, raising children, and taking care of others, we are left with little time or energy to care for ourselves.  

Recently, I decided to invest in my skin health and wellness. On the brink of a milestone birthday, I was tired of my (over a-decade-long) struggle with adult acne and melasma. This is where my journey with Central Wellness began almost a year ago.  

The first time I stepped into Central Wellness – the recent recipient of a signature HydraFacial – I had no idea what to expect or where it would lead. I walked in feeling defeated, having battled temperamental skin for most of my adult life, tried various skincare regimens and medications, and my skin the worst it had ever been. I was nervous and insecure, to say the least, but my nerves were quickly quelled by the friendly face that greeted me at the front desk. This first encounter set the tone for the rest of my visit that day.  

After my HydraFacial, my skin instantly felt much better, so soft, cleaner than it had ever been, and no sign of clogged pores left behind. As we walked out of the treatment room, I had some questions about where to go from there. A beautiful and knowledgeable lady stopped what she was in the middle of doing to help answer my questions. I later discovered that this was Janine Griffin, owner of Central Wellness.  

Janine suggested I meet with Lacy, FNP-C at Central Wellness, first to get the internal components affecting my skin under control. She also set me up with a few skincare products to get me started (rather than too many at once), tailored to meet my concerns and skin’s unique needs. I walked out that day feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time that I might finally be on the right path toward beautiful skin. When I came home that afternoon, I told my husband with tears in my eyes, “I think I’m finally going to get the help I need for my skin!” 

"To inspire confidence and empowerment in our community."

Janine Griffin, owner of Central Wellness

Janine’s personal passion for the medical and aesthetics world began while working through her own health struggle following a hysterectomy. Because there were no treatment options close to home, she found herself traveling 1,000 miles away for the post-hysterectomy hormone treatments she needed. This was where the seed was planted in her; why couldn’t we bring this to Billings? So, armed with empathy and her daughter Ali Mitchell, Central Wellness was borne nine years ago.  

In a later meeting with Janine to discuss my best treatment plan moving forward, I was struck by how she talked me out of something I thought I wanted to have done. Instead of persuading me toward an expensive procedure that she didn't feel I would receive maximum benefit from, she told me point blank, "I don't want to sell you something that I don't think will meet your expectations." This relationship of trust, this genuine concern for clients and their results, is something that I believe makes all of the difference in the competitive medical aesthetic and wellness industry.  

It’s clear the staff at Central Wellness follows Janine’s example in excellence, "striving to always do the right thing." Their collective commitment to providing the best service possible is apparent through every interaction I've had with them. Every time I come in, I'm greeted with smiles, conversation, and, many times, a hug. I never pass up the ice-cold fruit-infused water in the waiting room, and I look forward to the next time I get to come in. 

While we visited for this interview, it was clear that Janine's first passion, much like mine, is her family. This mother of four grown children and 10 grandchildren calls motherhood "the best vocation on earth!" When she's not running one of the family's multiple businesses, Janine loves working with the young women in her church; an effort she says is her calling. We chatted about the importance of strong women role models for the younger generation, and it’s apparent Janine is one of them. Her life is a reflection of elegance from the inside out.  

Each of us has insecurities; giving back to ourselves is not an indulgence. It's self-care. When we strive to be the healthiest version of ourselves, we carry that confidence into our community where we all have something to give. 

Originally printed in the September 2021 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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