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Connect All Month | January 2023

January 2023

by rebecca stewart

There’s something to be said for the people in our lives who are the day-makers. The ones you would willingly talk to on the actual phone, who put the impossible-to-explain glow on your heart when you see them (especially when it’s a sighting in the wild, as I like to call it when I unexpectedly see my people out in the world). The ones that are like home when you hug them or make them laugh. They are the human equivalent of comfort food or sliding into cool, clean sheets after a long day.  

And then…there’s the reality that these are the same people we often take for granted. Not on purpose, but we get comfortable in that I’m-not-as-engaged-as-I-could/should-be, they-get-the-worst-of-me, kind of way. At least, that’s how it sometimes feels after we’ve been “on” all day with the general population, and we get home and just need to be. Alas, something inevitably happens out in the world that gives us a wake-up call, and for a minute, we hug our people a little longer and a little tighter, and we are actively more intentional in our words. For whatever reason, it’s just not sustainable for all of the every single days; we are human, after all, but what if… 

What if we committed to leaving love notes for our people to find randomly (but regularly) throughout the year? What if we committed to taking a breath when we walk in the door each day and allow for a certain amount of time to shake off said day, then giving our favorite people more of the best of us? What if we checked our tone and called ourselves on it when something comes out in not the best or kindest way? What if we said, “I love you,” every day, with meaning? What if…what if we gave and received grace for the moments we fall short?      

Becca’s Not-to-Miss January Event 

Parents of littles ready to embark on their preschool journey, but aren’t totally sure where that journey should begin, this one's for you! The Billings Preschool Fair is back and at a bigger location! Learn about different programs and meet people face-to-face, and schedule tours on January 14 from 9am-1pm at MetraPark’s Montana Pavilion.  

Hearts for the Arts | Lincoln Center

Saturday, February 4 @ 6pm

Billings Public Schools Art and Music educators are launching the first annual Hearts for the Arts art show and concert in support of professional development opportunities and endeavors among the Fine Arts staff of BPS. 

Bring the whole family to peruse the Art Show/Sale, starting at 6pm in the Lincoln Auditorium Foyer, which features original artwork by BPS Art teachers. The concert (admission: free-will donations) begins at 7pm in the Auditorium and features a variety of performances by BPS Music teachers. 


  • 6pm | Art Show/Sale
  • 7pm | The Concert

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