City of Billings & DBA Bring Back Free Holiday Meter Parking

November 22, 2022

Downtown Billings Alliance Media Release

The City of Billings and the Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA) announced, for the second year, the gift of a Downtown holiday parking program that will run from November 24-January 1, 2022. Regular meter rates and enforcement are scheduled to resume at 8am on Monday, January 2, 2023. The Holiday Parking Program will give downtown Billings shoppers two hours of free parking at metered parking spaces (you'll know you've found the right spot, as each meter will be marked by red gift bags). 

This parking incentive program aims to encourage shoppers to expand their holiday shopping (and dining) adventures to include those nestled in the heart of our Magic City. Come see all that Downtown Billings has to offer! 

The free holiday parking program was made possible through a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Grant, approved by the Downtown Billings Partnership and the Billings City Council. Katy Easton, CEO of the DBA states, “The DBA and the City of Billings believe a huge impact can be made when our community shops local first and invests back into our community owned businesses, we sincerely hope you will consider taking advantage of this free parking to start—or finish—your holiday shopping.”

The free holiday parking excludes parking garages, private lots, & 10-hour permit spaces. All vehicle traffic must still follow parking & traffic signs and laws. Violators of parking & traffic signs and laws can and will be ticketed. 

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