Celebration at Home: Pool House

March 1, 2020 | by stephanie toews

Local homeowners Ben and Amanda Bowe of Bowe Construction are quite the pair when it comes to construction and design. Their indoor pool house has been a (one-and-a-half year) labor of love that the couple has worked on in their spare time, but the results are remarkable.

Friends and family thought the undertaking (specifically the pool house remodel) was impossible when the couple purchased this home nestled under the rims in spring 2012. The Bowes began the ambitious process of renovating the inside of their house first, saving the pool house renovation for last. The end result is nothing short of miraculous. With picturesque city views, the temperature-regulated space is perfect for swimming; this indoor pool house has been the center of many family celebrations with their two sons. 

A Vision for Potential

When this house was on the market, Amanda says, “Everyone saw this big space as a money pit, but we saw the potential in it.” The road to completion has not come without obstacles. One hurdle was how large the space is. The nearly 1600 square foot space doesn’t have a stopping point like the rest of the rooms in the house, Amanda explains. 

Vacation Vibes

Every gathering feels like a celebration in this pool house kitchen. From the flood of natural lighting to the thoughtfully planned design elements, this area makes the Bowe family and their guests feel like they’re on an endless vacation within the walls of their home.

The industrial stove and stainless steel sink and countertops make cooking for a crowd a breeze. The kitchen cabinets were painted in the perfect shade of green and accented by wood handles to beautifully tie in with the floating shelves.

From Design Board to Reality

Designer Amanda has been dreaming about the vision for this space long before it became a reality. She knew she wanted to incorporate green (her favorite color) and  that she “wanted to keep it bright and airy but still in keeping with the feel of the main house.” She also had a vision for floor to ceiling board and batten throughout the entire space. In the end, this ended up being her favorite design element in the pool house. She says, “It was totally worth all of the time, effort, and bloody fingers for the end result!” 

Practical Elements

No. 1 hidden storage

The bench seating (located throughout the pool house) serves as a wonderful storage option for tucking away pool floaties and toys. It also provides functional seating.

No. 2 outside in

Green plants thrive in the humid environment and bring a splash of nature inside. Amanda suggests using indoor/outdoor materials that will hold up well in a space with water.

No. 3 functional art

While there are very few accessories within the space, practical items such as these towels are beautifully displayed on black hooks and add interest and texture to the room.  

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