Celebrate Public Works Week with City of Billings' Open House Events

May 2, 2024

from Billings Public Works Media Release

National Public Works Week in 2024 is May 19-25, and this year's theme, Advancing Quality of Life for All aims to illustrate how public works professionals contribute to and enhance the quality of life in all the communities they proudly serve, according to the American Public Works Association. In Billings, our Public Works department is inviting families and community members to behind-the-scenes looks at our Water Treatment Plant and the Billings Operation Center by way of two open houses. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness, firsthand, the efforts that keep our city running smoothly.  


Wednesday, May 22, 4-7 p.m. | Billings Water Treatment Plant

Ever wondered how clean, safe drinking water makes its way from the Yellowstone River to your tap? Join us at the Billings Water Treatment Plant for a captivating journey from source to tap. Highlights include:

  • Bus tours of the drinking water treatment facilities
  • Live demonstrations showcasing different parts of water & wastewater treatment and some major equipment used to maintain our city’s distribution & collection system
  • Learn about exciting new projects Billings has planned
  • Q&A sessions with our expert team
  • Refreshing drinking water, Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream, and fun giveaways
Thursday, May 23, 4-7 p.m. | Billings Operation Center

Curious about the unsung heroes who maintain our city's infrastructure day in and day out? Our Street-Traffic and Solid Waste Collection teams are based out of the Billings Operation Center, and we  invite you to come explore the inner workings of the Billings Operation Center and discover the dedication behind every project. Activities include:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours and interactive displays
  • Major equipment demonstration including garbage trucks, boom trucks, stormwater inspection cameras, signal lights, and more
  • Infrastructure project posters and renderings
  • Meet-and-greets with our team
  • Refreshments, Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream & fun giveaways

These open house events serve as a tribute to the dedication and innovation of the public works professionals in our community. By opening the doors and inviting the community in, perhaps they will inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and city stewards. 

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