Montana National Guard Able to Attend MSUB Tuition-Free

July 17, 2020 | MSU-Billings News, media release

Beginning this fall, Montana National Guard members will be able to attend Montana State University Billings (or their Montana University System school of choice) tuition-free. The tuition waiver was finalized by the Montana Board of Regents in November 2019 and applies to all schools in the Montana University System. Indeed, full tuition waivers are provided to National Guard members in 40 states, including Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming. 

Members of the Montana National Guard are eligible for scholarships, federal tuition assistance, and the GI Bill. The tuition waiver is available for Montana National Guard members as a “last-dollar award,” meaning it will make up the difference between the total cost of tuition and the sum of other funding, such as grants and scholarships that are received.

“This waiver will ensure that tuition is not an obstacle for our Guard members to pursue their higher education,” said Dawn Githens, retired Col. Air Force, director of the Military and Veterans Success Center. “It is one more service we can provide to those who serve our country.”

The waiver will be available starting Fall 2020 semester to all Montana National Guard members who do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who meet the admission requirements of MSUB or their Montana University System school of choice. In addition, waiver recipients must be certified as a Montana National Guard member in good standing by the Adjutant General.

“This tuition waiver will help keep members of our National Guard here in Montana, united with their families, continuing their education and strengthening our state’s workforce,” said Chancellor Dan Edelman. “Members of our Montana National Guard fulfill a crucial role for our state and our nation in times of need. Increasing access to higher education in our state with this tuition waiver is also a recruitment benefit for the Montana National Guard.” 

For more information on financial assistance available to members of the Montana National Guard, contact Financial Aid & Scholarships or Military and Veterans Success Center or by contacting the Montana National Guard Education Benefits Counselor at 406-324-3236.

Contact: Dawn Githens, director of Military and Veterans Success Center, 657-2968,, or Thomas Valles, director of Financial Aid & Scholarships, 406-657-1617,

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