Meet the 2020 REVEL Masters

February 3, 2020

Putting together the extravagant, one-of-a-kind, immersive event that is REVEL at the Taste of Billings, requires the efforts of many. At REVEL 2020, REVELers will be dazzled by 11 dining Coves, these Coves are the result of the incredible collaborative efforts between businesses, artists, chefs, and master organizers (butlers). Coordinating the overall efforts are the REVEL Event Chairs, a.k.a. the REVEL Masters. These individuals are responsible for general event oversight, and you’ll find them meeting with the teams, planning REVEL Mischief, and working with Michelle Williams, Executive Director of the Billings Depot to plan the overall direction and experiences of the event.

In other words, these are their monkeys and this is their circus. So to speak.

This year's REVEL Masters, Cassie LaGreca and Shilo Cook are also two members of the Billings Depot Board of Directors.


Cassie LaGreca, 2020 REVEL Master

Cassie LaGreca is the owner and lead designer at Better To Gather Events, an event decor and services company that has helped decorate and style hundreds of events in Montana. She spent a decade in the event industry in Chicago before returning to Billings to found her company in 2013. She lives in Billings with her husband, her son, and her two pugs. Cassie currently serves on the board of directors for the Billings Depot and has been this year’s acting event chair. 

Shilo Cook, 2020 REVEL Master

Shilo Cook was born and raised in Montana, growing up in the small town of Fort Benton. He attended Gonzaga University and discovered a love for psychology. Shilo finished his degree at the University of Montana and has called Montana home ever since!

Shilo has spent his entire professional life of 20+ years helping and serving customers to find what best suits their needs as well as training high performing teams to do the same. Shilo 's executive experience as a Vice President of Sales allowed him to develop and mentor entire teams on how to best take care of their customers. Shilo 's passion is for people; developing, growing, and helping them to reach achievements they never thought possible.

Shilo has an extremely competitive nature, being described by his teams’ as the "most competitive person they have ever met." Shilo utilizes that competitive instinct to compete on behalf of his clients, as he relentlessly pursues winning for them.

Shilo believes that communication is the key to success. As long as everyone is honest and transparent with expectations, needs and desires then the ultimate goal of winning can be achieved.

Shilo Cook, Century 21 Realtor

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