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March 2024 Editor's Note: Everything Belongs

March 2024

by stephanie toews, executive editor
Both good and bad, happy, sad everything belongs. The highs and lows, the wise man knows, heartbreak writes the songs. Go ahead and feel the pain and know it’s all okay. But just remember, life rolls on, and everything belongs.
Cory Asbury, Everything Belongs

As we stand on the edge of spring, there’s a sense of excitement in the air as winter's dark and cold days are dwindling with the promise of brighter, longer, sunnier ones coming. Despite its unpredictable shifts, March weather is a reminder that warmth is imminent. We eagerly anticipate the beautiful coming months, much like a seed preparing to burst forth from the ground. But would the sun shine as sweetly if it weren’t for the cloudy days in between? 

Life is unpredictable, yet we continue to plan, dream, and hope; for a life without these isn’t living at all. When the unexpected comes our way, and come it will, we are wise to hold fast and grow our roots deeper, seek support through a community of like-minded souls who have weathered similar seasons, and emerged stronger. In such times, we discover the strength and resilience that comes from navigating uncertain and unfamiliar territory. These times force us out of places of comfort to reevaluate what truly matters, encourage us to question our perspectives, and seek fresh insights. In the face of adversity, we find clarity, and amidst uncertainty, we uncover new purpose.  

Whether you find yourself in a time of life you’d rather fast-forward through, or you’re cherishing every moment with all you’ve got, wishing time would just slow down, moments pass, and seasons shift. The good, bad, and everything in between is temporary; all are necessary parts of the journey. Sometimes, we need a reminder that brighter days are ahead; spring is nature’s reassurance that growth and vitality will come from periods of hibernation and cold.  

March is an opportune time for planning as we start imagining those warmer days ahead, and more time outdoors. In case you’re not aware, Easter comes early this year, and while snow or sunshine is anyone’s guess, this month, celebrate we will. This issue is filled with your most comprehensive resource to plan for summer break: the 2024 Summer Camps & Activities Guide. Also, inside is a story of hope through hardship, the power of compliments, some delicious Easter inspiration, gardening advice for newbies, and so much more!  

Happy Spring and warm Easter wishes,  


Originally printed in the March 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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