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June 2024 Editor's Note: Nature & Nurture

June 2024

by Stephanie Toews, Executive Editor

In June, the whole world seems to burst to life. Flowers bloom in all their glory, while lush, green grass grounds us. The Montana sky feels larger than life, living up to its Big Sky name, and the first chapter of summer’s story is just waiting to be written. June is a month for celebrating summer, birthdays, anniversaries, and Father’s Day.

In this issue, we delve into the joy and freedom of outdoor activities, as enjoyed by some familiar faces in our community. We also highlight some local outdoor experts with the knowledge and gear to get you started on any adventure. Whether your idea of fun is a leisurely afternoon on the patio or a challenging hike up Granite Peak, the outdoors offers us a space to connect, explore, and grow. We celebrate fathers while gleaning generational insight for parenting, and we invite you to join us in this celebration of life and nature.

Each day, I’m grateful for the fathers in my life—my dad, my father-in-law, and the father of my children. They juggle many roles: provider, encourager, fixer, leader… They carry the responsibility of making their time count and leading well. They may not be perfect, but their love is always evident. The bond between daughter and dad is strong; you never outgrow your need for him. A wonderful father-in-law is a priceless bonus. The strength of a partner in raising and influencing our children is immeasurable. And he’s never late with the dad jokes.  

I’ve come to realize that while I don’t physically resemble my dad, his influence runs deep within me. Like him, I believe in speaking from the heart, even if it means delivering emotional speeches at holiday dinners. We share a habit of striking up conversations with strangers, much to the dismay of our loved ones. Small talk doesn’t interest us; we prefer diving into meaningful discussions. Stubbornness is another trait we share; our convictions are strong and unwavering. Among these shared characteristics, the one I cherish most is my dad’s unwavering faith—a legacy I hope to pass on to the next generations.

A good father possesses the power to anchor his household, steadying the souls abiding there with a strong and secure presence. Conversely, the opposite can transpire in a home with unease, tension, and a lack of relationship. The calling of a father is great—to love, lead, and provide, and one that often goes unrecognized in the chaos of life, career building, raising families, and trying to find balance. This Father’s Day, may we cherish the ones we hold close, remember the ones we’ve lost, grieve those absent or estranged, and strive each day to bridge the gap in a world desperate for a father’s love and acceptance. Happy Father’s Day!


Originally printed in the June 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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