Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital: A New Chapter in Compassionate Care

March 2024

article by hannah olson | photos by nathan satran

In February, the Billings community welcomed a groundbreaking development in veterinary care with the grand opening of Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital's new and expansive clinic at 985 South 24th Street West. This marks a significant step forward for the hospital, enhancing its capacity to serve the community and accommodate a broader range of services. 

A Visionary Beginning 

The journey began in 2018 when owner and Lead Veterinarian Amber Herron, DVM, took the reins of Caring Hands at its former location. Driven by a profound love for the Billings community, she aspired to create something beyond a mere workplace - a facility dedicated to the well-being of animals and their owners that would exceed pet owners' expectations throughout the area. 

Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital boasts a rich history in Billings, spanning over 40 years. Established initially as Veterinary Clinic West in an era when the surrounding area was predominantly farmland, the hospital witnessed the evolution of Billings from gravel roads and open spaces to a thriving city. 

Under previous ownership, Drs. Albright and Kuehn, the hospital adapted and eventually became Caring Hands, focusing exclusively on small-animal practice. Dr. Kuehn led the clinic for 24 years before passing the torch to Dr. Amber Herron in 2018, ensuring a seamless transition and the continuation of the hospital's stellar reputation. 

A Bold Step Forward 

The new clinic, a testament to Dr. Herron's commitment to the community and the veterinary field, stands as a symbol of progress and innovation. The newly opened space has been completely remodeled and expanded, offering ample room for more veterinarians, technicians, boarding care staff, and more. 

Practice Manager Madison Bunt reflects on her transformative journey, saying, "If you told 5-year-old me what I am doing today, she wouldn't believe you." Madison shares Dr. Herron’s passion for animals and the unique challenges those in veterinary medicine face. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing mental health in an industry known for its high turnover and stresses the exceptionally positive environment at Caring Hands.  

Madison aspires to the concept of a "Unicorn Clinic," a workplace that feels like home, providing support for staff and creating enduring connections with clients. She expresses her dedication to making Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital such a clinic, ensuring an efficient and uplifting workplace. 

Caring Beyond Animals 

The expanded facility will now provide boarding services for dogs, cats, and even birds, reflecting Dr. Herron's enthusiasm for caring for less traditional pets. Going beyond conventional offerings, the clinic will also be able to provide 24-hour emergency care, a coffee shop, and medical boarding options with thoughtfully built spaces that have televisions and are situated around windows for pets to enjoy their stays. “We are excited to be able to offer 24-hour emergency care because there is more of a need than availability,” Dr. Herron explains, “and we are hoping to help fill that need.” 

Another feature the Caring Hands team is excited about is the parking and the vast spaces that will make the veterinary experience more positive and accessible for their patients and their people. 

The clinic features separate areas for dogs, cats, and birds to ensure a stress-free environment for animals and their owners. State-of-the-art surgical suites, private euthanasia rooms, and facilities for avian and exotic pets contribute to the comprehensive care that Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital aims to deliver. 

Madison underscores the thought and dedication that Dr. Herron has put into the new clinic. She acknowledges the unmatched love and devotion to employees and clients Dr. Amber has exhibited over the last six years and recognizes the incredible prospect of the new clinic. 

As the clinic looks to fill its expanded capacity for services and care, it will also be looking to bring on additional staff for veterinary services, the pharmacy, boarding staff, staff childcare, the coffee shop, and more!  

A Passionate Commitment 

Dr. Herron's passion for animal care, dedication to excellence in service, and fostering a supportive work environment shines through in every aspect of the new clinic. “We have the philosophy that every patient is important, every family is important, and every team member is important. We want them to be supported and to do their best so that they can be able to take of our patients and customers the best,” Dr. Herron says of her approach to leadership and veterinary practice.  

Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital has solidified its position as a cornerstone in the Billings community by prioritizing the well-being of animals and the professionals devoted to their care. The visionary approach of Dr. Amber Herron, coupled with Madison Bunt's dedication to fostering a positive environment for all who enter its doors, ensures that the clinic not only meets but exceeds the expectations and standards of veterinary care, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the field.  

Originally printed in the March 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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