Adopting a Rabbit? Things to Consider

April 1, 2020 | photo courtesy of Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

With Easter just around the corner, Billings Animal Family Hospital knows that families might be considering adding a certain long-eared, fluffy pet to their broods. Before committing to adding a rabbit to the family, there are many things to take into consideration. (It should be noted that 95% of rabbits and chicks given as pets at Easter don’t live to see their first birthday).

Some food for thought…

  • The Cost – In addition to adoption fees, plan on these expenses: having your pet spayed or neutered, ongoing veterinarian costs (preventative care and vaccinations). Food, shelter, and litter.
  • Activities – BAFH warns that without some type of activity, “a bored bunny is indeed a ‘wascally wabbit.’”
  • Housing – Whether you’re planning for your rabbit to be an indoor or outdoor pet, rabbits require special housing. Please remember: “Rabbits are intelligent, social creatures that will despair if left alone and ignored.” 
  • Rabbit Proofing – Indoor or out, you’ll need to bunny proof your home and yard for your curious critter.
  • Managing (Snuggly) Expectations – While rabbits can be sweet and affectionate, it’s not in ways we typically associate with pets.
  • Actual Food – As with humans and pets alike, proper nutrition is key to your rabbit’s health.

To get more details on each of these areas of consideration, check out:

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