Why Wrap Your Baby?

October 14, 2019 | by kevin gardner

Babies love to be held. It reminds them of the warmth and closeness of being in the womb. But of course, you cannot be expected to either sit around snuggling your baby all day (tempting though that might be) or carrying your baby around with you at all times. 7 pounds might not seem heavy at first, but 7 pounds gets heavy after a few hours. Enter the baby wrap! Like a kangaroo, you can wear your baby around to help her feel the closeness she needs but still maintain use of your hands and not exhaust yourself in the process!

Wrapped for Breastfeeding

The Boba wrap is a great choice for mamas who are breastfeeding. The Boba wrap comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is made with a sturdy material. Because there is a good amount of stretch to the Boba wrap's fabric, you can easily shift your little one near your chest for easy and discreet breastfeeding. This wrap is awesome for the colder months since the material is a little heavy and keeps babies warm. It is ideal for babies from 8 pounds to 6 months, so you can use it for a good long while!

Lightweight Baby Wrappin'

A wrap that is a little lighter but just as strong is the award-winning Moby Wrap. This wrap has one of the widest selections of prints and patterns and is put on in the same exact way as the Boba wrap. Like the Boba, you can use this wrap in a number of different ways. You can wear your newborn in the Kangaroo style or your older baby up against your hips. The versatility and frankly beautiful fabric of this wrap makes carrying your baby a breeze. 

The Simplest Wrap for Newborns

Sometimes, wrapping your baby can be difficult. Let's face it: babies get fussy. Especially when babies want to be held, they tend to scream and wriggle around. This movement and lack of complacency make it difficult to get a baby into a wrap, especially if that wrap takes more than a minute or two to put on safely and correctly. The Baby K'Tan is the solution to that problem. This wrap is perfect for younger babies who don't give you a lot of time between when they want to be held and when you can actually get the wrap on. The Baby K'Tan allows you to wear your baby in the Kangaroo style quickly and safely. This wrap is as simple as pulling the two loops of fabric around your neck, then across your shoulders. The loops turn into little hammocks for your baby, allowing you to slip your baby inside safely and with ease. The last thing you want to deal with when in public is the deadly combination of an angry, screaming baby and the patience it takes to put on a wrap properly and actually slip your baby into it. This wrap comes in a variety of colors and is lightweight yet strong. This wrap is not just for little babies either. It is suitable for babies weighing 8 pounds, all the way until they are around 20 months of age. It's a great and easy option for all caregivers!

That's a Wrap!

In the end, you just want what is best for your new bundle of joy. But, you also need to take care of yourself. If you find that you have a little one who just wants to be held all day, do not panic. Baby wraps are a great solution to meet your baby's needs as well as your own. Wraps are great for traveling, keeping strangers from unsolicited touching of your baby and for keeping your little one close and comfortable.

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