Transforming Spaces with Magic City Granite

January 2024

article & photos by renata haidle

Magic City Granite has recently inaugurated a new showroom at 5820 Titan Avenue. What started as a modest venture over two decades ago has grown into a thriving business offering a wide selection of products to those looking for countertop solutions. The new space showcases its extensive collection of natural stone and samples of manufactured products and inspires homeowners and designers looking to transform their spaces. 

Though still in progress when this article went to print, the showroom is open to the public. Visitors can explore a variety of quartz and natural stone slabs, witnessing the beauty of these materials up close. 

A Diverse Range of Products 

Magic City Granite prides itself on offering a comprehensive selection of materials suitable for countertops, shower and fireplace walls, outdoor barbecues, and more. The possibilities are endless, with several types of quartz products and an array of natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx. 

The brands they carry, including familiar names such as LG, Cambria, Silestone, and Caesarstone, ensure that customers have a wide range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. The affordability of lines such as Revera Quartz and One Quartz provides a cost-effective alternative without compromising quality and aesthetics. 

Trends and Timeless Beauty 

In the world of countertops, trends come and go, but Magic City Granite has observed an exciting resurgence in the popularity of natural stone. While quartz has dominated the market in recent years, there's a noticeable shift back toward the classic appeal of granite. With its durability and timeless beauty, this resilient stone is making a comeback, offering homeowners a robust and stylish choice for their countertops. 

Marble, another classic material, is in demand and appreciated for its timeless elegance. However, its application requires careful consideration due to its susceptibility to some level of etching and staining. 

The Art of Selection and Design 

Selecting the right countertop involves a thoughtful process. At Magic City Granite, customers are encouraged to consider their lifestyle, coordinate with existing décor, and factor in their budget. The showroom provides a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to visualize how different materials and colors will look in their homes. 

photo by Renata Haidle

Magic City Granite's team assists in the decision-making process, discussing the pros and cons of each material. Every detail, from edge profiles to maintenance requirements, is carefully considered to ensure that the chosen countertop meets aesthetic and practical needs.  

Crafting Personalized Spaces 

Magic City Granite primarily serves residential clients, offering a personalized experience tailored to each homeowner's preferences for indoor and outdoor spaces. The introduction of man-made materials like Dekton opened up new possibilities for outdoor applications, providing heat-resistant and durable solutions for outdoor kitchens and barbecues. The versatility of these materials allows for creativity in design while maintaining functionality. 

Behind the Scenes: The Fabrication Process 

Magic City Granite's team comprises skilled fabricators, templaters, and installers who bring customers' visions to life. The templater measures and programs the cutting machines, ensuring precision in every project. Fabricators then use state-of-the-art machinery to cut and polish the slabs, followed by meticulous hand polishing to achieve a flawless finish. 

The installation team brings the crafted countertops to their final destination, ensuring a seamless integration into the client's home. From digital imaging for visualizing the final result to hands-on fabrication, Magic City Granite takes pride in overseeing every step of the process. 

Looking to the Future 

As Magic City Granite continues to evolve and grow, the commitment to providing quality materials and personalized service remains unwavering. The new showroom signifies a physical expansion and represents a dedication to creating a space where customers can explore, dream, and bring their visions to life. Often, countertops become more than functional surfaces—they become works of art that tell a story of craftsmanship, elegance, and the enduring beauty of natural stone. 

Tips on choosing the right materials for your project 

Selecting the right countertop for your home involves careful consideration of various factors. Here are some tips to guide you through the selection process: 

  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Before selecting a countertop, assess your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen or bathroom. If you entertain frequently or have a bustling family, opt for darker shades or patterns that can hide potential stains and wear. 
  • Coordinate with Existing Decor: Both natural and man-made countertops are versatile and can complement various design styles. Consider your home's existing color scheme and design elements to ensure seamless integration of the new countertop. 
  • Test for Durability: As with any countertop material, testing for durability is essential. Granite is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making it an excellent choice for busy households. Perform a simple water droplet test to check if the stone needs sealing. 
  • Budget Considerations: Quartz countertops are an investment in your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality. While they may have a higher upfront cost, their durability, and timeless beauty make them a cost-effective choice in the long run. 
  • Edge Profiles: The edge profile of your countertop can significantly impact the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. Magic City Granite offers various edge profiles, from simple and straight to more elaborate styles. Choose an edge profile that complements your design preferences. 
  • Sealing and Maintenance: Most natural stone slabs require the periodic application of a sealant to enhance their longevity. Consider the maintenance requirements and choose a stone that aligns with your willingness to care for it.

Originally printed in the January 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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