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April 2024 Editor's Note: The Wonder of Water

April 2024

by stephanie toews, executive editor

Even when the rain falls 

Even when the flood starts rising 

Even when the storm comes 

I am washed by the water    NEEDTOBREATHE 

As a child, some of my fondest memories revolved around water: summers spent soaking on the slip-and-slide, picnics and dips at Lake Elmo, swimming lessons at Rose Park, and fishing excursions with my dad and Grandpa in Red Lodge. The highlight of every road trip was the hotel pool, and sipping cool water from the hose was always the best treat. Today, my love for water remains, albeit more refined: lakefront vacations, soothing hot springs soaks, breathtaking ocean views, and sipping ice-cold filtered water from my trusty 40-ounce Stanley Tumbler are a few of my favorite things  

In Montana, water plays a central role in some of the most enjoyable activities: soaking in our backyard hot springs, hiking trails leading to waterfalls or lakes, adventurous rafting trips, and peaceful fishing outings. Water is a precious natural resource to be cherished and respected.  

In our Wonder of Water issue, we dive into everything from water's role in hydration and health to recreational activities, safety, and sustainability. Our Clean Water in Billings feature sheds some light on the processes and plans to protect and sustain our vital water source from the Yellowstone River. In Water Wisdom: Safeguarding Lives at Every Depth, we consult experts for tips on water safety for children and adults. And in Raise a Glass: A Toast to Water, we provide information and ideas to increase our intake, along with a delicious Orange, Raspberry, and Cardamom-Infused Water recipe to try.  

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, and after the dry winter we’ve had, we can only hope and pray for plenty of rain in the coming months. Water is a beautiful, necessary, and powerful force—essential for life and growth in nature and humanity, yet mighty enough to cause destruction and death. The 2022 flooding that ravaged our region was a stark reminder of its power. However, in the aftermath, our communities demonstrated resilience as we rallied together to rebuild and recover. May the storms that sweep through wash over us, smoothing and softening rough edges, drenching our souls as we weather them, refreshing and refining our spirits, and paving a new path forward. May they gently remind us to savor the sunshine and cherish the warmth that follows as we sip ice water and dip our toes in the lake.  

Welcome April! 



Originally printed in the April 2024 issue of Simply Local Magazine

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