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SAINTS 2020 Mediathon | October 8, 2020


SAINTS 2020 Mediathon

Thursday, October 8, 2020

12:00 PM 12:00 AMUTC

2020 is a record year in more ways than one and that’s the theme for this year’s adaptation on St. V’s SAINTS Ball, “Having a Record Year!” SAINTS 2020 is an all-day mediathon and the St. Vincent Foundation has paired up with Hot 101.9 and Q2 to celebrate the great care provided by their associates with this all-day media event.

If 2020 has showed us anything, it’s that our healthcare heroes are a vital piece of our societal puzzle. Our healthcare workers show up every day for us, now it’s our turn to show up for them! SAINTS 2020 is honoring that hard work and dedication by raising funds for the Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Programs. The program was created in 2002 by the Ralph Nelles Family to support our medical community. The program provides scholarships to nursing students, allowing them to work at St. Vincent Healthcare upon graduation. The program also provides financial support to medical professionals looking to advance their technical skills and knowledge. 

To participate:

Call: 406.294.5910 | Text: 32037 (keyword SAINTS, you’ll get a response sending you a link to the donation page) | Online:

Throughout the day you’ll be able to hear patient stories as well as hearing from many of SCL Health’s wonderful caretakers.  

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