Progressive Cooking Class? Yes, Please!


Progressive Cooking Class | Billings Depot

Sunday, March 28, 2021

9:00 PM 1:00 AMUTC

You've heard of a Progressive Dinner? Well, Billings Depot is excited to introduce its first ever collaborative, progressive cooking class! Coming out of the gate, the first course will cover the basics of making fresh pasta and two accompanying sauces, followed by an Italian dessert how-to. The evening begins at Billings Depot and progresses to the Billings Petroleum Club, with the food and cooking experiences changing as you go, transforming a basic meal into an engaging activity. ONLY 10 SEATS LEFT, SNAG YOUR SPOT ASAP!!

Tickets are on sale NOW! Only 10 seats remaining.

The Details

  • Guests will arrive first at the Billings Depot with champagne and all necessary ingredients waiting for you at your cooking station. 
  • Chef Jason Corbridge of Parasol will teach you the history and techniques for making pasta. 
  • Enter Chef Caroline Replogle of Petroleum Club, who will teach you about two traditional sauces and how to make them. 
  • Once your pasta and sauce have been prepared, package it up to take home and move on to the next location. 
  • At the Billings Petroleum Club, you'll receive a glass of wine and Chef Replogle will guide you through the making of a traditional Italian dessert, Panna Cotta. 
  • You'll also be served a fully prepared pasta meal for dinner to enjoy with your wine. 

Tickets are $100 per person and include all the ingredients for your take home meal, your dinner at the Billings Petroleum Club and two drinks (one paired with each activity). A cash bar is available at each location for additional beverage purchases.

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