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MSUB Features Guest Lecture by Local Holocaust Survivor's Descendant


Guest Lecture on the Holocaust | MSUB

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

1:30 AM 1:30 AMUTC

MSU BILLINGS NEWS | The MSU Billings Department of History has announced a guest lecture on the Holocaust featuring speaker Andrew Laszlo, Jr., son of Holocaust survivor Andrew Laszlo. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, at 6:30 p.m. in Lecture Hall 148 in the library on the university campus.

Andrew Laszlo, Jr. (Andy) discovered the profound story of his father's survival during the Holocaust when a copy of his father's memoir, "Footnote to History" arrived unexpectedly on his doorstep. Unaware of his family's past, Andy's journey to uncover his father's experiences has led to a series of lectures sharing his father's story. The lecture is part of the course "History 462: The Holocaust" taught by Dr. Jennifer Lynn.

We are grateful for Andy’s willingness to share his father’s story. Voices of survivors are a crucial component of remembrance, facing the past, and the importance of continuing education about the Holocaust,
Dr. Jennifer Lynn

The event is free and open to both members of campus and the community. In addition to the lecture, attendees will have the chance to purchase copies of Footnote to History on-site, from local bookstore This House of Books.

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