Red Carpet at MINT Film Festival | Photo courtesy of MINT Film Festival

MINT Releases Schedule for 6th Annual Montana International Film Festival

August 18, 2023

MINT Media Release

BILLINGS, MT | The 6th annual MINT Film Festival, presented by MT Film Office, will showcase over 40 films from 8 countries, offering a diverse selection of domestic and international cinematic gems for all film enthusiasts. Festival dates are September 21 - 24, 2023, in Downtown Billings. This year's event features special guest, Bill Pullman. 

Attendees will have the chance to watch films on the big screen at the historic Babcock Theatre and engage in Q&A sessions with filmmakers, actors, and producers, gaining insights into the creative processes behind the films.

2023 MINT Film Festival Detailed Schedule



  • 5:30pm @ Babcock Theatre | Opening Night: Tokyo Cowboy + A Place of Peace (short)
  • 8pm @ Kibler & Kirch | Opening Night Reception
  • 9:30pm @ MINT Film Office | Cinema Salon: The Criminal + Necktie Cinema (short)


  • 11am @ Babcock Theatre | A Midsummer Night's Dream in Prison
  • 12:30pm @ Babcock Theatre | The Secret Song + Dream That I Had (Short)
  • 2:45pm @ Babcock Theatre | Documentary Short Films
  • 5:15pm @ MINT Film Office | Workshop: Documentary Storytelling: The Art of Editing
  • 5:30pm @ Babcock Theatre | Scrap + Lachie & John (Short
  • 8:15pm @ Babcock Theatre | Indigenous Doc Shorts
  • 10pm @ MINT Film Office | Late Night Action Short Films


  • 10:30am @ Babcock Theatre | Workshop: Directing Actors with Bill Pullman
  • 12:15pm @ Babcock Theatre | Narrative Short Films
  • 2:45pm @ Babcock Theatre | Return + A Tough Breed (Short)
  • 5:30pm @ Babcock Theatre | Special Screening: The Last Seduction
  • 7:30pm @ MINT Film Office | Festival Lounge After Party
  • 8:30pm @ Babcock Theatre | Special Screening: Lost Highway


  • 10am @ MINT Film Office | Filmmaker Coffee Hour
  • 1pm @ Babcock Theatre | Call to Adventure
  • 3pm @ Babcock Theatre | Closing Film: Push Pause + Orizuru (Short)

Photo courtesy of MINT Film Festival

The MINT Film Festival is thrilled to welcome esteemed actor Bill Pullman, who will be on site for a special screening of two iconic films – The Last Seduction, directed by John Dahl, and Lost Highway, directed by David Lynch. On the evening of Saturday, September 23, Bill Pullman will share his perspectives in a Q&A session alongside director John Dahl for The Last Seduction, followed by his introduction to Lost Highway. This double-feature presentation is set to be a highlight of the festival.

The festival extends beyond screenings with enriching workshops. Notable sessions include "DOCUMENTARY STORYTELLING," led by acclaimed documentary director and editor Maureen Gosling, and "DIRECTING ACTORS," a collaborative effort led by director John Dahl and actor Bill Pullman.

From September 21 to 24, the MINT Film Festival promises an immersive celebration of cinema, workshops, parties, and community engagement. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the magic of movies at the Historic Babcock Theatre.


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