Dust Off the Pen for National Handwriting Day

January 23, 2020 | by katie jones backer

When was the last time you physically wrote a letter? A card? A paper? You may send handwritten cards often, or you may be thinking, “It’s 2020—why write when I can type!?” I relate to the latter all too often, especially as a writer. Isn’t that a contradiction!?

The thing is whether writing an article, notes, or a novel, I am usually typing. Recently I had a great story idea while out in public and grabbed a notebook from my purse and began writing feverishly. About half-way through I became distracted by my frenetic scribbles. What had happened to my handwriting? And why was I writing so slow? I swore to myself that I used to be a faster writer. I brushed it off, but then it happened again at a meeting where I was interviewing someone for the magazine, and I realized it was me. I was the problem. I had become too used to typing instead of physically writing. So, on this National Handwriting Day (January 23), I’d like to encourage you to join me in taking the time to physically write.

Could you send a card to a friend? Write a nice letter to a relative? Whatever it is, write.

And since it’s January, this could be a great, attainable goal to set for yourself this New Year. Perhaps try to send a handwritten note once a month or every week. You will not only work on your handwriting, but you will also brighten someone’s day. And it’s something to get the kids involved in too! This might be a great time to connect them with a Pen Pal, by having them send handwritten letters to a friend. And what better way for them to learn the importance of handwriting than by seeing it modeled at home.

I am completely guilty of this and am really trying to send more handwritten notes, and I’m including my daughter in the process. We think it’s fun, and by sending mail, she has more chances to receive mail. Kids love getting letters addressed to them. I mean, who doesn’t love getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or junk mail?!

Make someone feel special today and show off your handwriting. (I assure you it can’t be as bad as mine!). Use the hashtag: #NATIONALHANDWRITINGDAY on social and tag us in your pictures! To learn a bit more on this national holiday, visit: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-handwriting-day-january-23/!

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