Cast Iron Cooking: Mexican Frito Fiesta

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being in the woods on a camping trip, with all of your senses heightened by the sweet smell of a campfire mingling with the savory aroma of food cooking!

For this cast iron cooking experience, you’ll need a large Dutch oven with lid, pre-treated and “seasoned” so there is no exposed metal or rust.

Start your campfire about 30-45 minutes before you begin cooking this meal. You can use the wood coals from the campfire, but I prefer to add some BBQ briquettes to the fire for a longer lasting, more consistent heat. Right before cooking, make a nest in the middle of the coals using a long campfire shovel or stick. Be sure the hot coals are evenly distributed around and under the nest.

Have all of the ingredients assembled and ready-to-use before putting your pan on the coals. You'll want a pair of heat-resistant gloves and a long-handled wooden spoon, plus a heat-safe place to set your Dutch oven for serving once the dish is cooked. I use a sturdy cast iron trivet on the picnic table.

Mexican Frito Fiesta Cast Iron Casserole  — Feeds 6 adults.

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s July 2018 issue.

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