Once a Month Cooking: Quick and Easy Egg Toast Cups

I am excited to start a series of posts featuring "once a month cooking" (or freezer cooking) recipes, tips and tools.  If you are not familiar with O.A.M.C. it's essentially a technique where you prepare 30 days worth of meals in one day and freeze them for later use.  It helps busy families save money, waste less food and prepare healthier  meals that are "drive-through" convenient on busy days.   If you are new to OAMC or want to learn more, here's a quick tutorial.

When my husband and I worked opposite hours, we used OAMC as a way to enjoy what little time we had together by sharing a quick evening meal that had been prepared and frozen earlier .  Today, I have been using a modified version of OAMC where I cook two weeks worth of breakfasts or "grab and go" dinners for my kids during soccer and basketball season.

Here's our personal favorite healthy "grab and go" breakfast recipe.

Egg Toast Cups

- 12 slices of bread

- 12 eggs

- 2 cups of shredded cheese

- 12 slices of canadian bacon

- butter (or cooking spray)

- salt and pepper to taste.


Start by spraying a muffin tin with cooking spray or greasing the cups with butter or margarine.

Slice 12 pieces of bread in half.

Create a "cup" in each of the muffin tin sections with the bread slices.  (I curve each half around the edges and overlap them in the middle - see image)

Scramble the eggs, cheese, salt and pepper together and pour the mixture evenly into the bread cups.

Place a slice of Canadian bacon on top of the toast and egg mixture.

Bake in a 350 oven until the eggs are firm (about 10-12 minutes).

Let the toast cups cool and then prepare them for freezing.

Here's the final product!

I typically package them in fours and thaw them in the refrigerator so the kids can simply grab one, microwave it and gobble it up!  It's a protein-packed, healthy breakfast that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy!

Stay tuned!  We'll be sharing more recipes and OAMC resources soon!  Follow us on Facebook for updates!

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